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Friday, 18 April 2014


Julian Bray (01733 345581) Reports:
 Easter Sunday Update: What has not been fully established is if a formal 'Mayday' abandon ship emergency was actually declared with the coastguard, and relayed to the owners of the vessel.
The fact that the vessel was asked to change radio channels would suggest that it had not been. Normally all other radio traffic would be cleared from the original transmitting channel in the event the vessel was unable to switch channels and then to  re-establish radio contact. Or was it just a distress call?
Normally the Master (Captain) or whoever is in charge, would make the decision and then the ship is IMMEDIATELY evacuated. RoRo (Roll On Roll Off) ferries are high risk, in this case the ferry was a stern (back end) loading flat bottomed vessel.
There is no hard and fast rule as to when the master can physically leave the ship, but it is recognised the passengers and crew must first be evacuated or in the process of completing an evacuation, as it might be more appropriate to command the evacuation from a nearby lauch, but not turn his/her back on the plight of others and head for shore.
The clearspan car/cargo/container deck cannot be divided easily into watertight segments and the majority of the cars and containers - on wheeled bogies - are not really secure. One jolt and the whole cargo consignment (in this case cars, containers, lorries, vans etc) will shift.
The low centre of gravity of these flat bottom ships is altered and no way can the ballasting tanks be blown (air filled|) or ballast filled (with seawater). Simply the ferry is then doomed. It only takes a five degree list or lean to fire up the emergency evacuation programme.
Every member of the ships crew is given on joining, a small booklet 'Masters (Captains') Orders.'  It is a complete employee or crew manual. It should contain all the owners/ company rules, emergency drills, signals and where the crew member is assigned for muster stations. Day glo bibs and hats are usually issued for crew to wear and lifejackets are located at strategic points, all over the vessel, not just in cabins.
Crew members would ideally have had regular repetitive training on the deployment of lifeboats, liferafts and other bouyancy aids. If the lifeboats are motorised ie not rafts  then boat driving, engine deployment skills are also factored in.
All this would be logged on the crew members personal file. 
Although we are advised not to speculate, it is clear something went horribly wrong. Apart from a third officer being at the wheel (nothing unusual but with appropriate senior supervision) there is the strange claim the master delayed the evacuation order for 30 minutes as he tried to right the ship. All the master has is a couple of side wing stabilisers which can be flipped out, and a sideways mounted mini propeller or bow thruster.
As already stated, impossible to right, if the cargo has shifted and totally impossible if the ship is taking in water. The gash in the hull scenario seems to have been dropped for the time being in favour of the sharp turn with the Master now saying: "it turned more than I thought it would...???"
How many times has this particular ferry  travelled this particular charted sea route. Hundreds of times.
So that does not add up. The cargo having shifted and possibly slid towards the stern would have breached the RoRo watertight seal and once the seawater enters it is sadly only a matter of time. Best demonstrated by floating an empty open milk bottle on its sode in a bowl of water.
All well and good until you create a smalle ripple, the milk bottle fills from the open end, sinks creating an air pocket in the top half. Sadly the seagoing vessel is not 100% airtight and as the air escapes, water backfills, the ship finally sinks stern first.  

This version auomatically releases if the water gets into the release mechanism
 or it can be done by cutting the rope (line) 
Julian Bray (01733 345581)  reports:   The agency picture below purports to show the Captain jumping ship (circled), note the white cylinders each containing a self inflating, self righting liferaft, one pull or cut of a single rope would have released these liferafts into the Ocean. 
Even with a 5 degree list, the command from the Master (Captain) to don adult and child lifejackets, put babies into special baby cots and  passengers to make way to boat or muster stations and prepare to evacuate the vessel should have been given, this would also have been endorsed by a series of very loud alarms or sirens. Usually a repeated three long blasts on the ships alarm system. On newer ships floor level guide light direction to exit systems would also have been illuminated. 

Why the master decided (according to reports) to delay the abandon ship order for a full 30 minutes cannot be explained, equally the master not being constantly physically 'at the wheel' more like computer game control paddles in newer ships,  in reality is normal, as command - with support from senior fellow officers - would be shared. Maps and weather charts are electronically generated, although paper charts are usually to hand as a back up.
The story is fast moving but what seems to have happened ( this is pure speculation) is that a rock (charted) or other underwater obstruction has ripped a gash or hole in the hull of this flat bottomed roll on roll off ferry. this has caused a 5 degree list and in turn caused containers on wheeled bogies or bases and some 156 vehicles to move.
Some of the larger cargo units should have been physically anchored to the car deck but often they are just chocked or wheel wedged.  The vessels ballasting tanks might also have been ruptured preventing the self righting properties of the vessels from being initiated.
All ships are subject to SOLAS rules (Safety of Lives at Sea) introduced after the RMS titanic sunk over 101 years ago. This specifies the number of life jackets, liferafts, lifeboats and sets out defined emergency rules and protocols.
The vessels will also have a data recorder lagwer than the aircraft version  and usually bolted to an upper forward deck near the bow and painted orange and about the size of a large kitbag.
If the cargo has moved, and possibly moved to the stern (rear) the pressure on the ro-ro sea doors and loading ramp could have breached the watertight seals. This allowing sea water to flood the entire open car/ cargo deck.
The fact it has gone down stern first and rolled over at the same time would leave little time for people inside the cxbin accomodation to escape. Imagine already at an angle and the ship tyehn continuing to roll over and anything not screwed down floating or moving around.
If the remaining passenger could find an airpocket they probably have 74 hours of air. Divers pumping Oxygen  in would not be of any value unless the airlines could be correctly targeted towards the airpockets.
The ferry built in Japan in 1994 is approx 480 feet long (146 metres) weighs in at 6,586 Gross Tonnes. It has sunk in 30 metres of water. Early reports said box cargo was falling off the upper open deck.
The current operator CHONGHAJEIN acquired the vessel in October 2012, then immediately added extra cabins on three decks increasing the registered tonnage by 187 tonnes and adding cabin accommodation for an extra 117 passengers.    

From local sources:

Passenger ferry capsized and sinks off the southern coast of South Korea More than 470 passengers on board. So far 29 casualties have been confirmed – including the high school vice principal who hanged himself Friday – 179 people have been rescued, and 268 people are still missing.

7.26pm: Yonhap News Agency is reporting that “arrest warrants sought” for the captain of the doomed Sewol ferry and two crew members.

6.12pm: AP reports:
Police say a high school vice principal who had been rescued from a sinking South Korean ferry has been found hanging from a tree.
The news of the death came Friday as rescuers scrambled to find hundreds of people still missing from the ferry and feared dead. The passengers included 325 second-year students from Danwon High School heading to a southern island on a four-day trip.
6.10pm: The suicide of Danwon High School vice principal brings the total death toll from the tragedy to 29.

5.58pm: Yonhap News Agency reports on the suicide of Danwon High School vice principal.
A vice principal, who was in charge of hundreds of high school students on a ferry trip that turned into a tragedy when the ship sank earlier this week, was found dead Friday in an apparent suicide, officials said.

The senior teacher from Danwon High School near Seoul, identified by his surname Kang, 52, was found hanging from a tree on a hill near an indoor gymnasium on the island of Jindo, where parents of the students missing from the sunken ferry are staying.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — A government office says a South Korean passenger ship carrying about 470 people has sent a distress call off the southern coast after it began leaning to one side.

South Korean media, including Yonhap news agency, say passengers were asked to jump overboard with life vests as the ship was on the verge of sinking. News reports say about 120 people have already been rescued.

The Busan Regional Maritime Affairs & Port Administration says in a statement that the ferry with 471 people was sailing to the southern island of Jeju when it sent a distress call Wednesday morning.
In the government’s latest tally, South Korea says 280 people from the ferry that capsized in the Yellow Sea south of Seoul are still missing and five people have died.

The vessel ‘Sewol’ was delayed two hours at the Incheon seaport last night due to foggy weather. The ministry reports that at 8.58am KST the coast guard received a distress call and within two hours the ship was capsized.

While the exact reason behind the incident is still being investigated, survivors are saying they heard a loud “boom” – which is what many believe caused the ferry to submerge. Following the noise, passengers say they saw cranes toppling over.

According to those rescued, the boat’s intercom system told everyone to stay calm and remain where they are for their “safety,” even restricting those who wanted to go out from leaving. It was not until the room started flooding that the instructions changed. Due to the pressure and force of the water, doors were almost too heavy to open while many shouted to “break the windows.” Apparently, the PA system told those already outside to jump into the water.

A witness who narrowly escaped says that he thinks there were 30 people still trapped in the area he was able to get away from.

Many suspect that the unaccounted for are stuck within the boat with South Korean analysts saying there is approximately 72 hours before they run out of oxygen.

JULIAN BRAY, Media, Aviation, & Travel/Cruise Industry Expert. Broadcaster & Journalist, Regional Politics, EQUITY, NUJ Life Mbr. UK Tel: 01733 345581 (isdn remote location kit available)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

The new Airbus A350 XWB makes first ever landing on British soil...

The new Airbus A350 XWB has made its first ever landing on British soil, visiting Cotswold Airport in Gloucestershire as part of routine certification tests.

The aircraft, MSN3, was flown by London-born experimental test pilot, Frank Chapman, and is one of the four A350 test aircraft currently flying and undergoing rigorous testing in preparation for the A350’s certification and entry into service later this year. In total the A350 XWB flight test campaign will accumulate around 2,500 flight hours with the fleet of five aircraft.

Captain Chapman said: “The A350 XWB has significant UK input, as the wings and fuel systems are designed at the Airbus facilities in Filton, Bristol and assembled at the company’s Broughton plant in North Wales while the engines are made by Rolls-Royce in Derby and the landing gear by Messier-Bugatti-Dowty in Gloucestershire.”

“This visit is part of the aircraft’s certification. Experts from the nearby Airbus Filton facility are playing a key role in supporting the fuel system tests.

“I’m immensely proud to be flying the first A350 XWB to land in the UK and look forward to this aircraft being a regular feature in British skies over the coming years.”

The A350 XWB is Airbus’ all-new mid-size long range product line comprising three versions. The new family whose fuselage cross-section is optimized for full long-range passenger comfort in all classes, brings a 25% step change in efficiency compared with existing aircraft in this size category. At the end of March 2014, the A350 XWB totalled 812 orders from 39 customers.

Source and Photo: Airbus

JULIAN BRAY, Media, Aviation, & Travel/Cruise Industry Expert. Broadcaster & Journalist, Regional Politics, EQUITY, NUJ Life Mbr. UK Tel: 01733 345581 (isdn remote location kit available)


As the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 continues, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has announced that it is convening a special meeting of State and industry experts on the global tracking of airline flights.
"The loss of an aircraft and any loss of life are always of utmost concern to ICAO and to the entire air transport community," President Aliu began. "The unprecedented and unusual circumstances of flight MH 370 have been particularly difficult for civil aviation officials to resolve to this point, and the lack of definitive answers has been much harder still for the victims' families to come to terms with. They, above all, will benefit from a fuller explanation of this accident."
In related areas of its work, ICAO has recently established new guidance on underwater locator beacons (ULBs) which will come into force in 2018.
Its Flight Recorder Panel is continuing to review new means of expediting the location of accident sites, including deployable flight recorders and the triggered transmission of flight data, and the UN agency will additionally be reviewing any implications on its work relating to aviation security, travel documents and identity management, as well as the requirements for the transport of lithium batteries.
President Aliu also drew reference to ICAO’s new policy on aircraft accident victims and their families, noting its aim of encouraging ICAO Member States to provide all necessary services and information to affected passengers and their relatives.
He expressed that ICAO will be providing technical assistance to Malaysia in the course of its ongoing investigation, and that he had been encouraged by the strong levels of international cooperation and contributions of personnel and resources seen in the aftermath of the plane's disappearance.
"No matter how safe or secure we make the air transport network, these types of events remind our entire sector that no effort is ever enough, no solution ever a reason to stop seeking further improvement," Aliu stressed.
"Each and every day over 100,000 flights are safely and securely managed by the global air transport system and we accomplish this mainly through steadfast commitment and cooperation. I'm confident that by continuing to work together in this manner we may eventually help find closure for the affected families and bring greater certainty to the question of how and why this aircraft was lost."

JULIAN BRAY, Media, Aviation, & Travel/Cruise Industry Expert. Broadcaster & Journalist, Regional Politics, EQUITY, NUJ Life Mbr. UK Tel: 01733 345581 (isdn remote location kit available)

Monday, 17 March 2014




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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 carrying 239 people bound for Beijing "air traffic control has lost contact over the South China Sea" TWO 12 MILE LONG OIL SLICKS SIGHTED

 12:30 @BobWoodruff BBC Retweet

An oil slick stretching 12-miles has been sighted between Malaysia & Vietnam possible first sign Malaysia Airlines plane crashed SOURCE @ABC

09:20 Air Expert David Learmount cites case of Air France 2009 aircraft loss over water, approx same time of night, no crew contact, put down to crew fatigue, minor glitch in system, possibly confused pilots.        

08:58 C-130 Search Aircraft scrambled by Singapore, now in search zone. 


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Why has the Transport Secretary extolling HS2 been silent on the UK's worst weather region?

There is one important aspect of the whole HS2 saga that has not been properly considered by the politicians, and that is UK WEATHER.

No one seems to have looked at the detailed Met Office weather maps for the last couple of decades, the conditions and the temperatures recorded. It is a simple fact that it rains in Manchester and the proposed route down to Birmingham lies on a mapping grid that seems to consistently attract the worse possible UK weather, the weatherpeople call it the Atlantic lows ( a big clue we suggest).
The whole point of HS2 is that it should provide a high speed service, but it will need fair weather to do so. Buried under 4 metres of snow or submerged in floodwater, would tarnish any form of schedule or high speed timetable. And possibly drive customers to the adjacent Manchester Ringway airport. So what is the point of a west coast HS2?

Sunday, 20 October 2013

One of the best aviation news resources - Avia Time Aviation News


Rolls-Royce donates Trent 1000 to NASA's Infinity Space Center
Russian Helicopters delivers Mi-171E to Kazakhstan
New Vice President and General Manager of CAE Canada, Military, appointed
Partnership to Revitalize Air Cargo
Aeroflot Celebrates One Decade of Operating Airbus A-320
NBAA Welcomes End of Government Shutdown
Airbus ACJ319 highlights wide-cabin comfort at NBAA show
Colombia Takes Delivery of First S-70i™ Black Hawk Helicopters
Jet Aviation Singapore signs alliance with Air Transport Training College
Growing commercial aviation market in Asia draws attention to air safety
Can Malaysia secure the growing demand for business aviation MRO specialists?
North American Debut of Pilatus PC-24 Mockup at NBAA 2013
Lufthansa: on the Way to Green Handling
German Army Aviation School surpasses 100,000 hours of simulator training
Lao Airlines Flight QV301 Accident: ATR statement
JetBlue Names New Vice President of Airports
Ryanair: Traffic at Irish Airports to Grow by 1mil Passengers
Finnair to be Included in Japan Airlines and British Airways‘ Joint Business
Astrium Awarded New Contracts for Ariane Launchers
Dassault Aviation Names New Vice President of Falcon Operational Support
UTC Aerospace Systems‘ Newest Business Jet Cabin Interiors Solutions at NBAA 2013
Boeing, China Southern and China Aviation Authorities Establish Precision Navigation Procedures
CAA Calls on Use of Landing Charges
Alitalia's Capital Increase of Eur 300 Million Approved
Record Passenger Movement and HKIA
New military aircraft test laboratory unveiled at Loughborough University
Embraer Delivers 19 Commercial and 25 Executive Jets in 3Q13
StandardAero Signs Exclusive APU Maintenance Agreement with Air Nostrum Líneas Aéreas del Mediterráneo, S.A.
ST Aerospace Secures $600M Worth New Orders in Q3 2013
Airbus Military launches Logistic Hub in Spain

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Monday, 23 September 2013


Kenyan Troops in Nairobi

The fastest way to bring down a tourist ( Annualised tourist figures in excess of $1.3 billion ) based Economy - such as exists in the sovereign state of Kenya on the East Coast of Africa; with of its border adjoining Somalia - is to target 'High Nett Worth individials and the well- heeled professional or the chattering classes. And to ensure that the results are on world wide television and radio channels and by keeping the matter going for several days. Says Julian Bray who spent several years in Kampala Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania following Independence, 

How effective this is can be judged by the relentless coverage given by BBC and Sky News and the other rolling news channels, at the expense of the British Labour Party conference in Brighton.

David Cameron meanwhile has seized the opportunity and cannily calling several  Cobra  security committee meetings to discuss the situation as it affects the UK. pretty good by all accounts as we train the officers and generals and supply most of the military kit.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Costa Concordia hulk completes stage one of the Parbuckle salvage

JULIAN BRAY, broadcaster & Journalist, Media, Aviation, & Travel Expert. Broadcaster & Journalist EQUITY Member NUJ Life Mbr. UK Tel: 01733 345581 (isdn link on application)

Monday, 16 September 2013


The ten hour operation to recover the capsized wreck of a former cruise ship, originally due to start at daybreak was delayed for two hours due to weather conditions but is now underway to remove the Costa Concordia  114,500 tonne cruise ship wreck that saw 32 people perish. The hulk has dominated their hoizon for 18 months.

The captain of the Concordia cruise ship drove it onto a reef off the coast of Tuscany, the wreck of the ship dominates the skyline of the island of Giglio.

On Monday, the Italian government started a parbuckle salvage operation to float off the hulk onto a submerged support platform, and all in one piece.

Italian islanders are looking forward to getting the 114,500 tonnes of rusting metal - the largest capzied passenger ship ever - out of their harbour. But the ten hour operation starting at 06.00 - known as parbuckling - will have to right the ship before it can be removed.

By sliding the 300m long ship down a ledge onto a platform erected below the ship, American firm Titan Salvage hope to set it upright, before attaching flotation cahmbers known as Cassions to the side that will allow it to be lifted to the surface and floated out of the harbour. 

Braces will hold together the ship's bow while it is being moved, and fishing nets will catch debris as it rises from beneath the ship.

As a first priority of the salvage operation,  200,000 tonnes of fuel on the ship was removed, the tanks threatened an ecological disaster. 32 passengers died in January 2011 when the captain diverted from the set course and steered the ship onto a reef.

Problems including slow chaotic evacuation of the 4000 passengers , and the captain's failure to alert the harbour for an hour after the impact contributed to the deaths.
Two unaccounted for passengers are still missing, and their bodies will something that divers will look for as they go through the rooms of the ship.

Julian Bray, CNS Braodcast, Agencies & Channel 4 News.

JULIAN BRAY, broadcaster & Journalist, Media, Aviation, & Travel Expert. Broadcaster & Journalist EQUITY Member NUJ Life Mbr. UK Tel: 01733 345581 (isdn link on application)

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Heathrow 1,000 Aero Ground LED lighting part of £20 million runway renewal,all on schedule.

• Next phase of £20m runway resurfacing is underway.  Over 130km of cabling and 1000 new LED Aeronautical Ground Lights will be installed. Some 22,000 tonnes of old runway surface has been removed and replaced in under 4 months

The £20million make-over of Heathrow’s southern runway is one step closer, after the completion of the replacement of the asphalt surface, and the start of the final installation of the new lights and cabling.

After a decade of continuous pounding by millions of aircraft taking off and landing, the runways at Heathrow are undergoing vital refurbishment to ensure they are safe and in good order. As the airport cannot close a runway during the working day, the logistically complex operation happens during the night and on one runway at a time. The work began on the southern runway in April; the northern runway will be resurfaced next year using the same process.

Over 150 construction workers using approximately 80 heavy items of plant and equipment have worked for almost four months to excavate and relay 22,000 tonnes of asphalt - the runway’s hard-wearing surface.

With this part of the project completed the next phase to complete the installation of around 130,000 meters of lighting cable and over 1000 Aeronautical Ground Lights (AGLs) began at the beginning of August. These AGLs help guide the pilots during poor visibility and are fitted within the surface of the Runway.

During each working night more than 1000 cones mark out a temporary road system along the length of the runway to allow safe passage of vehicles and machinery.

Work starts as soon as the last flight has used the southern runway and the team then has a race against the clock to complete the work before the next day’s operations begin.

Andrew Mitchell, Senior Project Manager said:

“During the July heat wave, we had to reorganise our schedule as it was too hot for the asphalt to be laid, but with careful contingency planning and well co-ordinated teamwork the pace of the project hasn’t been affected.

“We’ve successfully laid and grooved the new surface and now we’re cracking on with laying the thousands of metres of new cable and connecting hundreds of lights.”

Before the day’s first flight the sections of new runway are inspected for debris and a safety ‘grip test’ is carried out. The runway is only authorised for use once the Duty Manager Airside is satisfied everything is safe for aircraft to operate.

Once the AGLs are complete, a flight check will be carried out (a small plane will conduct a series on landings on the runway) to make sure all the lights are operating correctly, and then the runway will be returned to its CAT3 status, indicating that the Runway can be used in all weather conditions.

JULIAN BRAY, broadcaster & Journalist, Media, Aviation, & Travel Expert. Broadcaster & Journalist EQUITY Member NUJ Life Mbr. UK Tel: 01733 345581 (isdn link on application)

Monday, 19 August 2013

International Legal Protection for all Seafarers - including cruise ship hotel and entertainment staff finally becomes law

All on board ship crew are now legally regarded as Seafarers
 under the new Maritime Labour Convention

Julian Bray (01733 345581) writes:  What is regarded as a maritime employment and human rights legislative breakthrough and a major seachange in the working and welfare conditions of all who work in a maritime, seagoing environment is the legislative Maritime Labour Convention 2006 [MLC] which after seven years of international legal bickering has now finally become international law and on the statute books from Tuesday August 20th 2013. The new legislation has the potential to make a genuine difference to the lives of ALL seafarers.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Princess Diana Death, 16 years ago. Scotland Yard to scope new information laid before them...

Princess Diana : What really happened?


 Julian Bray writes:  I am pleased that Scotland Yard is re-opening the files on the untimely death of Princess Diana, some 16 years ago, and I will be making available the full script of a 45 minute detailed lecture I prepared and delivered to many audiences around the world between the years of 2006 and 2013.

The question of how she died has to my own mind never been fully answered and many of the french police documents were not released to the English investigators. Therefore a  large question mark is still hanging over her death, and the deeper I researched the matter the role of 'a military person' was raised and is also discussed..

This is an extract from the lecture script, the full lecture of 45 minutes duration goes into greater detail of what was known and additional information passed to me by several members of the many audiences who attended the original presentations:

After the birth of Prince Harry, Diana lived with a constant fear that she would be murdered.  Those close to her also watched over their shoulders, some were warned off and a few totally severed their relationship with Diana. So you might ask what gives me the right to delve a little further?

It was a chance meeting and a conversation with journalist Noel Botham, he’d written a draft of a book suggesting that Diana had been deliberately and coldly assassinated, he had newspapers falling over themselves, throwing cash at him, for a chance to publish extracts, then suddenly the promised serialisation failed to happen.


Friday, 16 August 2013

EGYPT : Baroness Warsi resisting pleas to change FCO advice says Travel Expert Julian Bray


Following a telephone call between the Foreign Secretary and the Egyptian Foreign Minister this evening (Saturday 17th August 2013), a Foreign Office spokesperson reports:

The Foreign Secretary and the Egyptian Foreign Minister spoke about the tragic violence and loss of life over recent days. The Foreign Secretary emphasised UK condemnation of all acts of violence, whether disproportionate use of force by the security forces or violent actions by some demonstrators.

They also discussed the recent attacks on places of worship and the Foreign Secretary stressed that attacks on mosques and churches were unacceptable and that places of worship must be protected.


The Foreign Secretary noted the Egyptian government’s stated commitment to the political roadmap published on 4 July, based on dialogue between all parties who accepted peaceful political processes. He underlined the need for urgent steps by all sides to end the violence and enable a return to dialogue. The Foreign Secretary also emphasised the EU’s collective determination to support a peaceful resolution of the situation.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

No wonder Spain coverts Gibraltar - the world leading home of "remote gambling"

Is this why Spain is really very keen to get its hands on Gibraltar? They could buy several Spanish fishing fleets with the HUGE profits made from "Remote Gambling" ie internet casino companies, all operating from the Rock .... each company has several approved brands ( click on links to expose the brands)

Remote Gambling
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All gambling operations in Gibraltar require licensing under the Gambling Act 2005 (“the Act”). Remote Gambling licences, including for telephone and internet betting, are issued by the Licensing Authority.
The Gambling Commissioner is appointed under the provisions of the Act. The Act grants the Gambling Commissioner powers to ensure that licensees conduct their operations in accordance with their licenses and in such a manner as to maintain the good reputation of Gibraltar.

The Licensing Authority will only consider licensing blue chip companies with a proven track record in gambling, licensed in a reputable jurisdiction, of good financial standing and with a realistic business plan. Licences are generally difficult to obtain. As at 1st March 2012 the licensed operators were as follows:-
Licensed OperatorsGambling ActivitiesLicence No.

Ladbrokes (International) Plc

Ladbrokes Sportsbook LP  

Approved Brands
RGL No. 010
RGL No. 012
RGL No. 044

Victor Chandler (International) Ltd

Approved Brands
RGL No. 001
RGL No. 014

Stan James Plc

Approved Brands
RGL No. 004
RGL No. 023

4 digital entertainment Plc

Approved Brands
RGL No. 051
RGL No. 050

Spielo International (Gibraltar) Ltd

Approved Brands
CasinoRGL No. 017

32 Red Plc

Approved Brands
RGL No. 019
RGL No. 045

Digibet Ltd                    

Approved Brands
RGL No. 021
RGL No. 037

Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd ( Plc)                

Approved Brands
RGL No. 039
RGL No. 022

Mansion Online Casino Ltd
Onisac Limited                          

Approved Brands
RGL No. 029
RGL No. 053
10Prospreads Limited (formerly Ltd)                                 

Approved Brands
Financial Spread BettingRGL No. 028
11WHG (International) Ltd (formerly William Hill (Gibraltar) Ltd)
WHG (International) Ltd   

Approved Brands
RGL No. 034
RGL No. 042
12Hillside (Gibraltar) Ltd (Bet365 Group Ltd)

                                    Approved Brands
CasinoRGL No.035
13Betfred (Gibraltar) Ltd (Betfred)  

                                          Approved Brands
RGL No. 038
RGL No. 036
14Gamesys (Gibraltar) Ltd (Entertaining Play Ltd)

                                     Approved Brands
Approved Betting Products
RGL No. 046
RGL No. 063
15Probability (Gibraltar) Ltd

Approved Brands
CasinoRGL No. 047
16TSE (Gibraltar) LP (Betfair Group)

Approved Brands
Betting exchangeRGL No. 049
17tombola (International) Plc

Approved Brands
CasinoRGL No. 052
18St Endellion Ltd

Approved Brands
CasinoRGL No. 054
19BetClic Everest (Gibraltar) Ltd

Approved Brands
RGL No. 055
RGL No. 056
20IGT (Gibraltar) Ltd

Approved Brands
Casino (B2B)RGL No. 057
21Gala Interactive (Gibraltar) Ltd
Coral Interactive (Gibraltar) Ltd

Approved Brands
RGL No. 059
RGL No. 060
22SHFL Entertainment (Gibraltar) Ltd

Approved Brands
Casino (B2B)RGL No. 061
23Bally Technologies (Gibraltar) Ltd

Approved Brands
Casino (B2B)RGL No. 062
24Ongame Network Ltd (Amaya Inc Group)

Approved Brands
CasinoRGL No. 064
25EU Lotto Ltd

Approved Brands
Fixed-oddsRGL No. 066
26Odobo Ltd

Approved Brands
Casino (B2B)RGL No. 067

JULIAN BRAY, Media, Aviation, & Travel Expert. Broadcaster & Journalist NUJ EQUITY UK Tel: 01733 345581 (isdn link on application)


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