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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Ryanair aircraft 'suddenly depressurised' landing some passengers in German Hospitals suffering from bleeding ears ...

Some thirty Ryanair passengers, some bleeding from their ears, received hospital treatment in Germany when their plane to Croatia rapidly depressurised in the passenger cabin, reported German police.

Ryanair flight FR7312 from Dublin to Zadar made an emergency landing in Frankfurt.

The airline confirmed oxygen masks were automatically deployed and the aircraft carried out a "controlled descent" descending some 8,000m (26,000ft) from 11,300m to 3,000m inside seven minutes, suggests monitoring Flight Radar .

Ryanair said the plane "landed normally and customers disembarked, where a small number received medical attention as a precaution".
The plane was carrying 189 passengers, 33 of whom were hospitalised, and some decided not to continue with their journey, German police said.

In a statement Ryanair said it would pay for hotels for the affected passengers but added that there was a "shortage of available accommodation".

Ryanair is Europe's largest airline by passenger numbers, according to the International Air Transport Association. It flies in 37 countries and carried 130 million passengers last year.

Source: Ryanair, CNS, BBC, ADN, CNN.

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Friday, 13 July 2018

IATA World Cargo Symposium at Farnborough International 2018 and special UAV conference on Wednesday

IATA World Cargo Symposium at Farnborough International 2018

At the Farnborough International Airshow 2018, a 1,000sqm Cargo Village will act as an important hub for anyone connected to the industry. Sponsored by Volga Dnepr and CargoLogicAir, it brings together exhibitors including airports, charter brokers, logistics specialists as well as security services. all under one roof, along with a static display that provides a rare opportunity for visitors to get close to these giant freighter aircraft.

View Conference Programme

Running alongside the Cargo Village will be a dedicated conference programme curated by IATA. Industry experts are set to discuss and explore many of the issues affecting this fast-growing industry, from the use of UAVs (Drones)through to delivering to remote locations. 

Of particular interest will be the Wednesday (conference day two) sessions moderated and chaired by the genial Des Vertannes, Former Global Head of Cargo, IATA Tickets are sold out but check for returns T: +44 (0) 1252 532 800 E: 
“It’s clear that the cargo industry is undergoing a major period of transition; from unprecedented growth and emerging technologies, through to increasing need for freighter aircraft. The Farnborough International Airshow has an unrivalled global attendance; there is nowhere more appropriate to exhibit to a target audience, or to have the much-needed discussions about the issues affecting the cargo industry and its future.”

10:00 - 10:05 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Des Vertannes, Former Global Head  of Cargo, IATA
10:05 - 10:35  PANEL DISCUSSION
Future of Humanitarian Air Cargo supply chains (Innovations and Future directions)  
• Stuart Smith, Director Development & Director Humanitarian Engagement, CargoLogicManagement
• Mike Whiting, Associate Member of the Humanitarian Logistics Association

• Chris Weeks, VP Humanitarian Affairs, DHL

• Pauli Immonen, General Secretary, Aviation Sans Frontieres International

10:35 - 11:15

New Routes to Market – The Future of Unmanned Aircraft
• Mr Alexey Matyushev, Founder, Natilus
• Mr Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder, Dronamics
• Mr Pau Martinez Prat, UAV Development Engineer,
Falcon Drones Technology

11:45 - 12:00 Will Cargo Drones replace Utility Freighters in Africa?

Mr Sanjeev Gadhia, Founder & CEO, Astral Aviation

12:05 - 12:45 PANEL DISCUSSION   Developing Cargo Aircraft

• Mr Rafi Matalon, VP Marketing, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Bedek Group
• Mike Sinnett, VP of Product Strategy and Future
Airplane Development, The Boeing Company
• Paul Nolan, Fleet Development Director,

 12:45 - 13:05
Cognitive Logistics – the emerging capabilities of connected cargo, aircraft and infrastructure   Paul Rodwell, International Business Development, OnAsset Intelligence, Inc.

13:05 - 13:15 Chairman’s Closing Remarks Des Vertannes, Former Global Head of Cargo, IATA   

View Conference Programme

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Airbus has revealed the new livery and renamed the Bombardier CSeries aircraft. They are now called A220-100 and A220-300.

FARNBOROUGH - Airbus has revealed a new livery and renamed the Bombardier CSeries aircraft. They are now designated:  AIRBUS A220-100 and A220-300.

The new relationship between Bombardier and Airbus, which has saved the CSeries is one of the best positive outcomes of the year. From July 2018, the European manufacturer holds a 51 percent stake in the CSeries program.

"For the next 20 years, our goal is to sell 3,000 A220 aircraft," said David Dufrenoi, CSeries Sales Chief, which would account for about half of the 100-150-seater aircraft that would be demanded by the overall market.
Currently, the CSeries  has 402 firm orders, 38 of which have already been delivered (23 to Swiss, nine to Air Baltic and six to Korean Air).

With the integration of the CSeries into Airbus family of aircraft, the European aerospace giant now covers the majority of single-aisle market requirements with a total of six aircraft types: A318 (107-132 seats in single class), A319neo (140-160 seats in 2-class), A320neo (165-194 seats in 2-class), A321neo (206-244 seats in 2-class), A220-100 (120-135 seats), and the A220-300 (130-160 seats).

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Esterline Avionics jumps EASA hurdle for GPSSU older generation kit on Airbus A320s

Esterline @ Farnborough International Airshow 2018, Hall 1 – Booth #1180
Esterline’s CMA-5024 GLSSU
receives EASA approval
on the A320 family for ADS-B Out
Farnborough International Airshow, July 16, 2018 - Esterline Avionics Systems and PMV Engineering are pleased to announce that PMV Engineering has obtained EASA approval for the upgrade of the older generation GPSSU by CMC’s CMA-5024 GLSSU on the A320 family of aircraft.
As an SBAS GPS receiver, the CMA-5024 is an approved DO-260B ADS-B positioning source that may be paired with any DO-260B transponder. It can be coupled with ADS-B Out STCs from PMV Engineering or others to meet the ADS-B Out requirements mandated worldwide.
The PMV Engineering solution offers the unique advantage of reduced install and downtime for the A320 family of aircraft, since it involves a form, fit and function replacement of the existing GPS unit (Honeywell or Litton) without the need to perform any structural modifications to accommodate new antennas, etc.
In addition to achieving compliance to the ADS-B Out mandate, the CMA-5024 also allows the entire aircraft to take advantage of SBAS navigation throughout all phases of flight. LPV approach capability may be added with additional certification effort.
Similar solutions are on-going for B747-400 and B777-200 aircraft.
The CMA-5024 meets the requirements for an Instrument Flight Rules, civil certified Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).
The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), a component of SBAS, augments GPS to provide an extremely accurate navigation solution that will support all flight operations from en route through Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) CAT-l equivalent approach. The CMA-5024 is compliant with and completely supports EGNOS/SBAS, from departure, en-route navigation, and all EGNOS/SBAS LPV Precision Approaches, and complies with published Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) navigational mandates.
Esterline Corp. is a leading worldwide supplier to the aerospace and defence industry specializing in three core business segments: Advanced Materials; Avionics & Controls; and Sensors & Systems.
With annual sales of approximately $2 billion, Esterline employs some 13,000 people worldwide.

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Already the A320neo is recent history, such is the pace of change.

Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines will power the first visit to Farnborough Air Show 2018 of Airbus’s latest aircraft, the A330neo.

The aircraft, due to enter service later this year, is exclusively powered by the Trent 7000, the seventh and latest member of the Rolls-Royce Trent engine variants.

Meanwhile, Rolls-Royce is making final preparations for the engine to enter into service, with formal certification to fly expected shortly.

Chris Cholerton, Rolls-Royce, President – Civil Aerospace, said: "The Trent 7000 combines latest technology from the Trent XWB and architecture from the Trent 1000 TEN. The 68-72,000lb thrust Trent 7000 will deliver a step change in performance and economics compared to the Trent 700. Benefitting from a bypass ratio, double that of its predecessor, the Trent 7000 will improve specific fuel consumption by ten per cent, and in the process significantly reduce noise."

**According to IATA figure just released aviation fuel has more than doubled in barrel price over the last twelve months...

Rolls-Royce Trent XWB is celebrating as the world’s most efficient large aero engine chalks up two new milestones in its development programme.

The engine has now flown registering more than two million flying hours, it's powered the Airbus A350 aircraft since it entered service in January 2015.

 While the engine took nearly two years to clock up a  million flying hours, it took just 9 months to add another million.  A despatch reliability of 99.9% and zero in-flight shut downs across its lifetime so far.

Demand for the engine continues to be very healthy, and is set to accelerate following the recent entry into service of the Airbus A350-1000, powered by the Trent XWB-97, the latest, most powerful variant of the engine.

Rolls-Royce reports that it has continued to ramp up production for the A350 and now (possibly with an eye on the UK Brexit outcome, and possible disruption relating to supply chain 'just-in-time' issues) assembles the engine in both Derby, UK and Dahlewitz, Germany, providing the ability at peak levels, to deliver one Trent XWB engine every day of the week. 

Gareth Davies,  Trent XWB Programme Director – Civil Aerospace, said: "We are incredibly proud to celebrate these latest milestones. We've enjoyed the smoothest entry into service, of any widebody engine and continue to see the engine achieving market-leading levels of reliability. Rolls-Royce look forward to supporting our customers around the world as the Trent XWB family of operators continues to grow."

More than 1,700 Trent XWB engines are in service or on order across 45 operators, making it the fastest-selling widebody engine ever.

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TAXI FOR MR JACKSON ex MP bumped from his DexEU SpAd 'Chief of Staff' post

WW2 Air raid Shelter Sign

Just fancy that …. a few days before the start of Farnborough 2018 when Brexit knowledge (however slight or transitory) would have been mightily useful, Downing Street, according to Mrs Jackson - and other sources, including a UKIPPER - is apparently blocking any reappointment of the former ex-Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson (of #mpsexpenses fame).

The ex-MP latterly tweeting (to those not blocked as  ) as a SpAd (Special Adviser) DexEU (The department, currently in turmoil, set up to facilitate the UKs departure from the EU).

Mr Jackson on losing his Peterborough seat was almost immediately appointed by now departed David Davis, as Mr Jackson at one time claimed on his Linked-in page as 'Chief of Staff' for DexEU.

It is not certain if the job was ever publicly advertised and a proper selection process and board carried out by the Civil Service.  It came with an eye-watering substantial salary package and all the usual Civil Service perks...

Sources suggest the new DexEU supremo Dominic Raab wanted him to carry on....

@JULIANBRAY +44(0)1733 345581, Journalist & Broadcaster, Aviation Security & Airline Operations Analyst/expert, ...,  ...  ...,
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Proposed expansion of London Luton Airport is "unsuitable" and "unsustainable", MP for Hitchen and Harpenden claims.

BREAKING: Aviation expert and broadcaster Julian Bray will be expanding on the plans for London Luton Airport (today celebrating its 80th year) on BBC 3 Counties Radio later today (Thursday)

The failed Monarch Airlines was once a major user
 of London Luton Airport
Proposed expansion of London Luton Airport is  "unsuitable" and "unsustainable", the MP for Hitchen and Harpenden claims.  

Bim Afolami, (Eton educated, son of a Nigerian born consultant in the NHS) recently elected  Conservative MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, asserts that Luton Airport growth would be "Bedfordshire's gain - Hertfordshire's pain" in terms of noise and pollution.

Mr Afolamis' background before politics of being a lawyer with Freshfields and a bank executive with HSBC clearly does not, on the face of, show any deep and meaningful understanding of the aviation industry, but we could be proved wrong. 

The airport, owned by Luton Borough Council, which has seen its revenues slashed by Westminster, published its growth plan in December.

Speaking to BBC News at the time, the Luton Airport management stated that it wants to reach a 38m passenger target by 2050 with 240,000 flights a year using its existing single runway.   
Mr Afolami during a Westminster Hall debate earlier this week said that he "was not against airports" and "recognised the jobs and economic growth the airport brings to the UK and to Luton."
"The proposed expansion to more than double Luton's passenger numbers is both unsuitable to the local area and unsustainable in the context of the constraints that exist in rural Hertfordshire. Luton is just not the right place for an airport of the proposed size [to accommodate the throughput/transit] of 38m passengers," the MP added.

However, Transport Minister Paul Maynard said that the airport was already "actively engaged" in local consultation.

Mr Maynard told the debate: "We recognise that those who live closest to airports bear a particular burden of the costs."

More than 30,000 jobs depend on the airport, councillor Andy Malcolm, chair of London Luton Airport Limited said. 
Campaign group LADACAN claims aircraft noise has increased tenfold since 2013, and it "badly affects nearby towns and villages".

Commenting Luton Borough Council chief executive, Trevor Holden, said expansion at the airport would bring significant economic benefits: "The impact on our local economy and community is huge - not just in Luton, not just in Bedfordshire, Bucks and Hertfordshire,".

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IATA Airlines Financial Monitor JUNE 2018

IATA Airlines Financial Monitor June Report issued: .
Key points:   

  • The latest financial data from the industry show that airline profitability was strengthening in Q1 2018 compared to the same quarter a year ago, while cash flow generation in the industry also picked up.
  • That said, global airline share prices fell for the fifth consecutive month in June, which indicates that forward-looking investors expect more difficult conditions ahead than was the case in Q1. The global airline share price index has now fallen by 14.3% since the start of the year, compared to a 1.7% decline in the global equity index.
  • Oil prices have trended upwards since early-2017 and are a key reason why airline shares are underperforming the market. The price of jet fuel is currently sitting just above US$90/bbl – around 55% higher than it was a year ago.
  • The global average passenger yield has tracked broadly sideways since early-2017. However, yields in the less price-sensitive premium-class cabin have trended upwards over much of the past year, which reflects the fact that airlines have been able to pass on higher input costs to a greater extent than in the economy cabin.
  • Passenger demand has continued to trend upwards and freight volumes have picked up in the past few months too. A rising passenger load factor is helping to boost unit revenues in the face of the sideways trend in yields. 
View full report

JULIANBRAY +44(0)1733 345581, Journalist & Broadcaster, Aviation Security & Airline Operations Analyst/expert, ..., ... ..., ... Aviation / Travel / Maritime & Cruise Industries, NUJ, EQUITY, LIVE ISDN LINK, Broadcast ISDN COOBE ++44 (0)1733 345020 ... SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK e&oe Old faithful NOKIA: 07944 217476


  • Nearly 300 American exhibitors expected, 250-plus in the new USA Partnership Pavilion in Halls 2, 3 and 4
  • 30 total states represented, including 20 state pavilions
  • Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot Col. Al Worden, USAF-Ret. joins industry to present U.S. flag flown to the Moon to the Royal Air Force to commemorate RAF100  
  • NEW Executive Briefing Centre features exclusive presentations by government, military and industry thought-leaders
Farnborough, UK and Waldwick, NJ/July 11, 2018 — With sustained lift from advanced aircraft programs that have disrupted markets, streamlined supply chains and strengthened alliances — notably the Lockheed Martin F-35 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner the United States heads into the biennial Farnborough International Airshow 2018 with technology and trade momentum.
Some 300 U.S. companies will exhibit at this year’s event, July 16 through 22 at the familiar Farnborough airfield southwest of London, more than 250 of them in the new USA Partnership Pavilion, which covers a total of 4,000 square meters in Halls 2, 3 and 4.
The Pavilion is the centerpiece of the American national effort at the show. It is organized by Kallman Worldwide, Inc. of Waldwick, NJ, in coordination with numerous government agencies, including the departments of Commerce, Defense, State and Transportation.
“The USA Partnership Pavilion provides a unique showcase for the United States’ commitment to increased trade, economic growth, prosperity and global security,” said U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Robert W. Johnson.
Pavilion exhibitors represent 30 states, including 20 state pavilions organized by individual departments of economic development or commerce, and featuring state-based co-exhibitors within the larger U.S. space.
Nearly 50 Pavilion exhibitors are new to market, 90 are new to the show and all are looking to generate new business and create jobs back home by growing exports, expanding overseas and/or recruiting international partners to establish or participate in U.S.-based operations.

The 2018 show is Kallman Worldwide’s 11th consecutive edition organizing Americans at Farnborough, and its first under the new “USA Partnership Pavilion” banner, which President and CEO Tom Kallman says, reflects a global trend.
“Now more than ever, success in international trade comes from partnership and teamwork. The USA Partnership Pavilion sharpens our focus on helping advance America’s national interests and security by building stronger relationships with our international customers,” said Kallman.
“Many of our exhibitors — from publicly traded stalwarts such as Curtiss-Wright [NYSE: CW] and Kratos Defense and Security Solutions [NASDAQ: KTOS] to small- and medium-sized enterprises [SMEs] with fewer than 500 employees — already have significant partnerships and operations in the UK and around the world. In the years to come, I am confident many more will,” he said.
To spotlight the proven partnership between the United States and the United Kingdom, the Pavilion will commemorate the 100th anniversaries of the WWI armistice and the founding of the Royal Air Force (RAF) both of which occurred in 1918 — with dedicated events and presentations.
Most prominently, during the Pavilion Opening Ceremony on July 16, on behalf of American industry, Kallman will lead the presentation of a U.S. flag flown to the Moon on Apollo 15 and signed by the mission Command Module Pilot, Col. Al Worden, USAF-Ret., to RAF Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, on the occasion of RAF100, the service’s centenary. Col. Worden will be on-hand to participate in the presentation alongside U.S. government, military and elected officials and industry supporters.
“The U.S. Air Force and the Royal Air Force share a bond unlike any other, born in the crucible of war against tyranny and nurtured over decades of commitment to our shared values of peace, security, and prosperity,” said USAF Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein. “From the men and women of the United States Air Force, we look forward to honoring the RAF’s 100 years of unparalleled contribution to the legacy of airpower.”
The day before the show opens, the Kallman team will escort U.S. exhibitors and dignitaries to neighboring Brookwood American Cemetery and Memorial where 1,031 American soldiers who died during WWI are interred or memorialized. To honor them and all Americans who died overseas in WWI, the USA Partnership Pavilion logo displayed during Farnborough will feature the addition of two “Buddy Poppies,” the official memorial flower of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

Kallman has also minted a limited-edition keepsake “challenge coin” to commemorate the centennials and the American presence at Farnborough. One side of the coin symbolically features side-by-side American and British flags bisected by a banking F-35 silhouette.
Text around the rim reads: “Allies in Freedom. Partners in Flight. 1918-2018. The flip side features the USA Partnership Pavilion and Farnborough Airshow logos surrounded by the show dates and Kallman’s partnership values: opportunities, relationships and impact.

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