Don't mention ze lack of Air Cargo Security Hans! Air Cargo SECURITY STINKS Straight Talking at Hanover, it's not looking good say Germans!

From left to right—Dr. Raoul Hille, Managing Director of Hanover Airport; Manfred Kuhne, Director Air Transport at the German Airports Association ADV; Fernando Gonzalez, Manager Key Account Development Automotive Solutions at Kuehne + Nagel; Hendrik Khezri, General Manager Airfreight Germany of forwarding agent Hartrodt; Volker Dunkake, Head of Global Sales and Services of Lufthansa Cargo Charter Agency. The experts didn’t mince matters during a very frank discussion on pressing air freight topics. The subjects at Hanover-held Logistics Network Congress ranged from open security questions, unsolved labor matters, night flight restrictions in Germany and their implications; why air freight has a poor image and what should be done to turn it from negative to positive. Seated on the panel: were Dr. Raoul Hille, Managing Director of Hanover Airport; Manfred Kuhne, Director Air Transport at the German Airports Association ADV; Fernando Gonzalez, Manager Key Account Development Automotive Solutions at Kuehne + Nagel; Hendrik Khezri, General Manager Airfreight Germany of forwarding agent Hartrodt; Volker Dunkake, Head of Global Sales and Services of Lufthansa Cargo Charter Agency. Interviewer was Heiner Siegmund. Around fifty forwarders, handling agents, airline managers and shippers attended the meeting. ACNFT: Is air freight secure in Germany? Hille: The effort the decentralized concept demands from shippers, truckers, agents, airlines, and airports is tremendous and disproportional to the advancement of security. The entire framework is monstrous and proves to be extremely costly. I presume that in the future most shipments will be x-rayed at facilities within the airports or at neighboring warehouses.

Crackdown? That is exactly what the terrorists are aiming for...


Date: 30 October 2010

By Julian Bray

al-Qaeda keeping up the pressure, lest we forget...

MOST airports have a separate cargo area that keeps normal passengers well clear - but this may also lead to security in these areas being weaker.

Given the number of packages being discovered in this latest security alert, it does seem to be part of a concerted effort to target cargo operations, possibly as a dry run for a more serious assault by al-Qaeda.

In the past, terrorists have managed to smuggle packages into cargo operations. This has been made easier, as you don't have the same number of people around as you do in passenger operations.

However, security still tends to be high in cargo areas in the UK and they are well policed, which may explain why this package was discovered at East Midlands Airport.

It could be the terrorists have reacted to the announcement by British Airways this week that they should no longer be checking shoes, and they are ratcheting up the angst factor.  One of the key factors is that this plot appears to have originated in Yemen, which is a focus for various terrorist groups. One would have hoped the security authorities would have tightened up their act, but obviously vigilance has to remain at the highest possible level with any flight from the Middle East.

The effect of all this, of course, is to cause widespread disruption. There will now be a major incident plan put into action both here and in the United States.

They put expert teams in and the idea is to do a thorough investigation and go through the various areas. But it won't just be the aircraft, it will be everything it has touched.

By the nature of it, this will be very disruptive - exactly the effect the terrorists desire.

Julian Bray is a writer and commentator on aviation security.

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It's almost that time of the year again (how did that happen)? We hope everyone has lots of fun.

However, if you don't want to be disturbed on the night please feel free to download this UK POLICE APPROVED NO TRICK OR TREAT DOOR POSTER from to stick on your door or window.

Pres.OBAMA two live explosive devices found, one at East Midlands Airport!

Julian Bray Aviation Expert comments: President Obama confirmed late Friday evening that two explosive devices found, one at East Midlands Airport, the other in the USA.  The unfolding events surrounding the photocopier cartridges initially containing WHITE powder seemingly on board UPS cargo aircraft comes at a time when millions of tons of exposives are about to be set off all over the UK for Guy Fawkes Night and the asian community Dwali festival. leaving that ironic fact aside, Associated Press correctly reported a package containing EXPLOSIVES was siezed in the UAE from an UPS regional freight hub, meanwhile US jet fighters safely escorted a passenger jet from UAE with Yemeni cargo into JFK airport.

BBC Political Editor Rages at Board.....

Contributor: Media & Aviation Expert Julian Bray SKYPE: Julian.Bray.UK Landline: 01733 345581 Mobile: 07944 217476 ISDN2 down line ++44(0)1733 555 319 (Broadcasters) G722 & APT-X Dual Codecs GlensoundC5

UK Government Spending Cuts - The Devil is in the Detail....

Chancellor George Osborne has announced the UK coalition government's four-year Spending Review to Parliament, with some of the deepest cuts in public spending in years.

"Gilt market rock solid following speech, mission accomplished"
says Citys' David Buick

Sterling holding up against US Dollar

Random Key Points:

Government cuts by 19% over 4 years
Labour had confirmed they would have introduced cuts of 20%
if they were returned to power...


Contributor: Media & Aviation Expert Julian Bray SKYPE: Julian.Bray.UK Landline: 01733 345581 Mobile: 07944 217476 ISDN2 down line ++44(0)1733 555 319 (Broadcasters) G722 & APT-X Dual Codecs GlensoundC5

Channel Fours' Funky Gary Gibbon catches out Treasury!

Gary Gibbon Channel 4 Political Editor writes:  I hear that the Chancellor was furious to discover that the wrong numbers were given out when he unveiled his child benefit changes to an unsuspecting Tory Conference a couple of weeks ago. When we reporters were briefed about the numbers, after George Osborne had announced the policy on BBC Breakfast, we were told that 1.2m higher rate tax payers were affected and it would save £1bn a year.

People have been scratching their heads ever since about those numbers as they imply an average loss of £1,000 per household. But the minimum loss should be £1,000.

Is Daybreak Broken on ITV?

 Is Daybreak broken on ITV?

The Skybox decided to play up this morning (later resolved by switching it off at the mains for 2 minutes) luckily we still have a terrestrial signal even if the aerial is pointing at Leeds (we are in Peterborough, the Anglian region signal being rubbish).  So instead of the usual flipping between Sky, Radio 4 Today and BBC Breakfast opted to give Daybreak another try making the viewer tally 600,000 plus 1.

Could not immediately put my finger on it but the very early newspaper review summed it all up. All the male presenters, slouched on the sofa, had open neck shirts and the good life has resulted in shirt buttons straining attempting to hold back rolls of tummy fat. 

None of them had been told how to sit on a TV studio sofa (Old-style Floor Manager: "Bum well back into the crease luvvy.Tits out and shoulders back") Hairdresser had obviously taken the day off and only some of the males were made up for TV shows.

Adrian is still doing his 45 degree on, leaning whispering routine, but the audio desk needs to adjust the limiter, at times his portaprompt scripted links just trailed off or the roller was too slow or he really needs glasses... a few advance run throughs would be good too.


Storm clouds ahead for the UK economy

APPROACHING half a million private-sector jobs could vanish as a result of the upcoming public-sector spending cuts. Private-sector gross output could be reduced by around £46 billion per annum by 2014/15, due to impact on suppliers to the public sector, claims a report from Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC).  When combined with public-sector job loss forecasts, nearly one million could face unemployment due to public-sector cuts.

The report also suggests some marginal new private sector job creation resulting from employment coming from increased activity in areas such as outsourcing and contingent on interest rates staying lower for longer, due to the fiscal consolidation.

Julian Bray Media Expert commented: The report from PWC is a weatherbell for the UK economy although somewhat self serving as PWC will no doubt suffer as audit and accountancy fees generated by the public sector are decimated.

John Hawksworth, pwc Economist said: "Predicted levels of public and private-sector job losses will be a drag on the pace of the economic recovery, but should not derail it altogether. While private-sector employment may be affected as much as the public sector, this could be mitigated by increased labour market flexibility on wages and hours worked, as we saw in 2008-09 recession. Evidence from the 1993-99 fiscal consolidation showed a net rise of around 1.2 million in private-sector employment during those years.

Stewart Jackson MP [of MP's expenses swimming pool claim fame] 'shocked' about level of Peterborough Housing Benefits


Stavros Flatley and ex LLoyds Bank Manager
Stewart Jackson MP., perfoming the River Nene Dance?

What has ex. Loyds Bank Manager Stewart Jackson MP done for his part of the City of Peterborough? On the They Work for You website it's difficult to find out but on Twitter, he has time to currently rant about the level of housing benefit being paid out in the City.

The MP conveniently forgets that he is also in receipt of a form of an eye-watering massive 'housing benefit' for his own palatial "second" home in Peterborough funded by the taxpayer.

Stewart Jackson MP passes himself of as being the MP for the whole of the City of Peterborough, when in fact he only has a small part of the City, other constituencies being run by hard working MP's.

Just so we all understand how the ex Lloyds bank manager Mr Stewart Jackson MP sympathetically deals with fiscal matters,  below is the story The Daily Telegraph ran during the MPs' expenses series of scandals, which will soon see some sitting MPs and former MPs starting a series of Crown Court Trials from November onwards. See earlier Duckhouse posts.

The defendants, all having exhausted the appeals process, deny various charges of false accounting in connection with MPs' expenses. The Winter is going to be a fascinating time for those looking in on such matters.

Appeared or appearing in a Court near you?

The then Tory communities spokesman Stewart Jackson MP switched his second home allowance to the £470,000 property in his constituency of Peterborough when he bought it in November 2005.

Mr Stewart Jackson, who was elected to Parliament only six months before he moved in, claimed £304 for work on the pool. After being approached by The Daily Telegraph  Stewart Jackson MP conceded that the claim “could be construed as excessive” and agreed to repay the money. 

Cartoonist Les Gibbard 1945-2010 Les Gibbard, illustrator, animator and political cartoonist The Guardian for 25 years, has died at the age of 64

Les Gibbard 1945-2010

Les Gibbard, illustrator, animator and The Guardian political cartoonist for 25 years, died age 64.

Julian Bray writes: I met and was friends with Les Gibbard when he first came over from New Zealand (where he was a cartoonist/journalist with the Auckland Star), introduced to him by my then partner Sandra Carpenter also from Auckland. Les was affable, easy going and had a keen eye for a cartoon, classically drafted, on any current hard news story. He was well liked and respected by his peers and his passing is a sad loss. My condolences go out to Susan, his wife of many years standing.

Les Gibbard on the 1982 sinking of the Belgrano.
The caption read: 'The price of sovereignty has increased - official'

Les Gibbard joined the Guardian in 1969, following in the footsteps of Sir David Low and Bill Papas, and at just 23 was the newspaper's youngest ever cartoonist.

Throughout the offices of the prime ministers Harold Wilson, Edward Heath, James Callaghan, Margaret Thatcher and John Major, his incisive daily pictorial commentaries gave readers a unique slant on world history.

During the Falklands war, on the sinking of the Belgrano in May 1982, (reproduced above) his striking reworking of a second world war Philip Zec cartoon, recaptioned to read: "The price of sovereignty has increased – official" caused controversy when Thatcher, then prime minister, cited it as evidence the British media did not support military action.

Mark Byford to leave BBC as Deputy DG role axed!

The BBC is axing the role of deputy director general and will make Mark Byford redundant next year after more than 30 years he won't need to move to Salford! 

As well as being paid a salary of £435,000 a year until he leaves in 2011, Mr Byford is expected to receive redundancy of between £800,000 and £900,000.

The 52 year-old Deputy Direct General has a £3.7 million pension pot within the BBC scheme, from which he can expect £215,000 a year when he reaches retirement age.

He faced widespread criticism after he claimed some £5,000 in expenses for flights to the World Cup. Senior BBC figures said Byford had become a -byword- for many of the criticisms that have plagued senior BBC management in recent years.

MP's Expenses : All accused set for Crown Court Trail

It is going to be a fun Winter season. With appeals formally dismissed, Crown Court Trail dates have been set for :

Former Minister and Labour MP Elliot Morley, November 22.

Labour MP David Chaytor, December 6.

Lord Hanningfield, December 13.

Current Labour MP Eric Illsley, January 10.

Lord Taylor, January 17.

Former Labour MP Jim Devine, February 2.

All defendants deny charges of false accounting. The trials will take place at the high security Southwark Crown Court in London. It's not known how sitting Labour MP Eric Illsley will be able to represent his constituents during this period but no doubt he'll still be claiming his full salary, expenses and allowances.  Our good friend Guido Fawkes has been following this saga and invites you to visit:

Contributor: Media & Aviation Expert Julian Bray SKYPE: Julian.Bray.UK Landline: 01733 345581 Mobile: 07944 217476 ISDN2 down line ++44(0)1733 555 319 (Broadcasters) G722 & APT-X Dual Codecs GlensoundC5

Talibrown still dangerously active in UK says Guido Fawkes!

From time to time the Duckhouse likes to feature the work of fellow bloggers and one in particular Guido Fawkes. The first to expose the dirty deeds of the Gordon Brown clique and you would have thought that it was all over but no, as Guido explains in his own unique way....

Kevin Maguire and Charlie Whelan are the two of the most high profile former members of the inner-circle of the TaliBrown, they could be seen as continuity-TaliBrownies. Both are allies of, and boosters for Brown's heir, Ed Balls. Both of them today are not happy. Our Kevin says ( Not-So-Red-Ed was "scared of his shadow - or at least the notion of making either Ed Balls or Yvette Cooper his Shadow Chancellor. So the timid new Labour leader fluffed his first big call and played safe with Alan Johnson. As a result he missed a glorious opportunity to recast his party's economic policy and to turn the tables on the Tories." Maguire, in his role as TaliBrown propaganda chief, makes no secret of his preference for deficit denial. Despite swinging the unions behind Red Ed to win control of the Labour Party the TaliBrown bully and union fixer Charlie Whelan is also unhappy, mainly with Mandelson and David Miliband. Telling The Times that David Miliband was annoying and should "get a life" after his failed leadership battle, adding for good measure that his exit from the Shadow Cabinet was ungracious.

> "It was slightly self-indulgent to just go off. It didn't look good. It would have been best for him to say straight away what he was going to do. It's a tragedy when you lose your job, you are on the dole and you have no money for your family. Politician losing top job is not a tragedy. It's personally uncomfortable but that's all. This is why David's attitude annoys me. He didn't get the job but it's not a disaster. Get a life." Whelan backed Ed Balls to be chancellor in the Shadow Cabinet. "He's got a grasp of the economy and his position on the economy is the right one," admantly denying that Labour's defeat in the last election was down to Gordon Brown's deficit denial. Claiming

> "We could have won that election. Peter Mandelson ( went round at Christmas saying it's going to be a catastrophic defeat. Well, if you're going into the election with your main man telling you you're going to be defeated then you might as well pack up and go home. Obviously the campaign was an unmitigated disaster."

Guido can see Balls and his boosters waging low instensity political warfare on Red Ed as he seeks to get on the right side of the deficit denying dividing line. That is something Balls and the rest of the continuity-TaliBrown will be determined to block...


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Red Eds' Shadow Cabinet Appointments - The full list and more ..

OK Brough, Time for a career change! Me not You!

The Shadow Cabinet Appointments  - The full list and more ..

Leader of the Opposition Rt. Hon. Ed Miliband MP

Deputy Leader & Shadow Secretary of State for International Development> Rt Hon Harriet Harman MP

Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer> Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs & Minister for Women/Equalities > Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP

Shadow Secretary of State for the Home Department> Rt Hon Ed Balls MP

Chief Whip> Rt Hon Rosie Winterton MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Education & Election Coordinator> Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP

Shadow Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice [responsibility for political & constitutional reform) > Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Work & Pensions> Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation> Skills Rt Hon John Denham MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Health> Rt Hon John Healey MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government> Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Defence> Rt Hon Jim Murphy

Shadow Secretary of State for Energy> Climate Change Meg Hillier MP

Shadow Leader of the House of Commons> Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Transport> Maria Eagle MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs> Mary Creagh MP

Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury>Angela Eagle MP

Shadow Secretary for Fantasy & Pipedreams > Bald Eagle MoP

Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland> Rt Hon Shaun Woodward MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland> Ann McKechin MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Wales> Rt Hon Peter Hain MP 
(clearly orange but not out as earlier reported!)

Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport> Ivan Lewis MP

Shadow Leader of the House of Lords> Baroness Royall of Blaisdon

Shadow Minister for the Olympics> Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP

Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office> Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP

Lords Chief Whip> Lord Bassam of Brighton

Shadow Attorney-General> Baroness Scotland

Attending Shadow Cabinet meetings:

Shadow Minister of State – Cabinet Office> Jon Trickett MP

Contributor: Media & Aviation Expert Julian Bray
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Landline: 01733 345581
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Bradshaw (Pink) OUT!
Woodward (Green) OUT!
Abbott (Black) OUT!!!!!

The Shadow Cabinet is announced. Expect a Winter of discontent - inside the Labour Party as many have been left out in the cold.....

The following MPs' have been elected to the Shadow Cabinet but no portfolios so far, have been released...

Douglas Alexander
Ed Balls
Hilary Benn
Andy Burnham
Liam Byrne
Yvette Cooper   TOPPED THE POLL!
Mary Creagh
John Denham

David Cameron Speech Runs Late...

Prime Minister David Cameron  closes the Conservative Party Conference knowing that membership of the party has dropped by at least a third and that the way had not only been littered with banana skins (dropped by a departing Milliband) but also a series of withering TV interviews with Baroness (I really need some media training) Warsi, affectionately known in media circles as The Soup Wartzi...

How The X Factor And Sony BMG Allegedly Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel

From Anorac News>

How The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel

THE X has returned to our TV screens and thus to the newspapers’ front page. And there is a story linking Katie Waissel to Simon Cowell and Sony BMG. You see, Katie is no enthusiastic amateur fluffing her lines and begging for one more chance to live her “dream”.Had she just got her song right first time over, Katie would have been less memorable. But she ‘fluffled’ it, and having begged for another chance, Cowell gave her “20 seconds”. That make-or-break time limit was extended when Katie started singing.

As such, Katie ended up on stage and on camera longer than most. Why? Is it because she is in with the management at Sony BMG, where Simon Cowell also works?  The 24-year-old from from Harewood, Hertfordshire, who looks like Kelly Osbourne channelling Vanessa Feltz, is also known as Lola Fontaine, singer of a jazz album and owner of a record deal in the US. But that’s not all. You might know her as of Katie Vogel, star of a reality TV show, sponsored by Coca Cola and watchable online. Here’s the trailer:

Brits Warned High Threat of Terrorist Attacks in Europe says F.O.

The UK Foreign Office has updated its travel advice for Europe, warning of a "high threat" of attacks in countries including France and Germany.

Previously it had advised only of a "general threat" but an FCO spokeswoman said the safety of Britons abroad was of major concern. The US has also advised vigilance in Europe because of the threat of an unspecific al-Qaeda attack.

The UK's threat level, as set by the Home Office, remains severe.

The FCO spokeswoman said: "Like other large European countries, [France and Germany] have a high threat of terrorism, which is reflected in our updated travel advice.

"We therefore attach great importance to providing information about personal safety and security overseas to enable people to make informed decisions about travel."

Miliband step forward. Not so fast David!

A canny solution ....

You have to take your hat off to the Conservatives (and to a lesser extent the lib dems) looking at the new intake of MP's and the high number of high net worth individuals who make up the Tory back benches. Just how did they manage to get elected in the first place?

My old friends from tellyland Arthur Daley, the purveyor of well loved, finely 'clocked' carriages to the gentry and his Minder Terry McCann would both have done well in this new Westminster village. I'll explain my film location services company was involved in Series 2 of the TV series Minder, so Terry and Arthur were as real, live and in the flesh for a couple of years.Yes they would have done well my sons ... and made a few sovs. into the bargain..


European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland European Commission - Fact Sheet Protocol on Ireland and Northern Irel...