#royalwedding Didn't they do well! And the infamous Volante appears too...

Congratulations all round and well done the cartwheeling Deacon and the Met policeman walking down the Mall inciting the crowd for one extra hurrah! Whilst tweeting on #royalwedding and offering broadcasters worldwide short ISDN feeds of  royal UK street life at Bray Towers, not that far from Cambridge and in the county of Cambridgeshire and a full member of the cambridgeshire Cirmestoppers Committee [thats enough Cambridge Ed] it was only a matter of time before HMQ offered the happy couple the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

But back to our tale I seem to remember the very same Aston Martin Volante (one careful owner HRH The Prince of Wales) was often parked outside the apartment of one Captain Parker Bowles, when he was away fighting wars somewhere and Camilla, his wife, was left home alone.

It became so obvious that even Private Eye offered some sage advice on the matter, still nice to see the old girl put through her paces, the car looked good too, although one of them now runs on wine or chip fat cannot remember which... 

Also good to see that old dress designs stand the test of time, having seen the Princess Grace Wedding Dress, a quick altertion of the neckline and you have the pattern for yesterdays stunning creation.

There was an exhibition at the Gimaldi Centre in Monaco which then came to London and then off to the USA....Just sayin'!  There were other gems during the day,  NBC's TV anchor Ann Curry in pink wellies as she actually believed she would be treading in 36 inch deep mud around Glastonbury.

Black mark to FoxNews who were on safer ground with the excellent UKorginated SkyTV feed whilst their own imported team did the prep. and wondered where the smog and london trams had gone...but  they hired Paul Burrell, the low life,two faced, self serving lying Butler to the late Princess Diana. Clearly now so out of the loop that his purile comments, to wit:  "The princes' should be wearing Bearskins but have opted for forage caps in the Abbey..... "

I also commend The Beckinghams, Posh spice had actully put on some weight, so you could still see her sideways but wearing black  with a matching magimix blender blade glued to her forehead seemed a bit strange. Lord Becks looked the part and I liked the idea of wearing his gong on the wrong lapel of his frock coat, even if the invitation (you had to show a recent personal bank statement and the invite to get in) didn't say "medals will be worn."

The least said about Fergies girls the better, but The Stage magazine is already advertising for Panto, slight alteration of the make up and you have the Ugly Sisters costumes, perhaps they did come from Bermans who knows?  Shame as the girls are really quite cute.

All in all, the day went off well, the Uk manged to pull off an amazing branding exercise and the US TV networks are now wondering why the paid so much in US dollars for the Portacabins seemingly borrowed from Wimbledon, which overlooked Buck House when the real action was all around the Abbey.

Finally Jon Snow of Channel 4 deserves a special mention who fittied with helmet cam and pushbike scoured the backstrrets of London and hit on a group of Ugandan Girls ands gave them a rendition of the Ugandan national anthem (JS was a VSO in upcountry Uganda living in a hut and volunteering with village girls in the late 60's(?) when I was also working in Kampala).

Shame he didn't comment on the terrible bloodbath currently taking place as you read in that once beautiful East African country and well off the media agenda due to ongoing troubles in North Africa.

But that apart, the old firm, the Royals did pull out all the stops. So "Doors to manual" and let's do it all again.
Pippa (ahhhhh!) and Harry? Go on my son, the world is your lobster or is that just the hair? Still needs a comb through...

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broadcast Royal Wedding Timetable isdn TALKS FROM LONDON ENGLAND




A number of broadcast organisations have been accredited already to take live stand up positions on the media platform overlooking the square, across to the screen.

We have a couple of extra slots for anyone looking to secure one. If so, please email ben.mcknight@london.gov.uk AND elizabeth.lee@london.gov.uk ASAP.


Broadcasters not on the platform are welcome to film in the square, using handheld and shoulder equipment.

Photographers are welcome to roam freely.

There will be a media pen for a limited number immediately in front of the screen on a first come first served basis. Tripods may be used inside the pen.


Print journalists are welcome to cover proceedings in the square, though it is not possible to provide a designated area.


0700 'Wedding breakfast' All screen sites open

0800 Wedding preparations and guest arrivals

1100 The marriage ceremony from Westminster Abbey

1200 Prince William and Princess Catherine return to Buckingham Palace (Procession)

1300 'Family photo' and toast to the newlyweds

1315 The Buckingham Palace balcony moment and flypast

1335 Live music and dancing

1600 Carriages


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Death reported of Grandma dropped into Artic waters from cruise ship

STOP PRESS: It is with deep regret that we hear that Mrs Janet Richardson died on Thursday evening.
The news was released on Saturday 23rd April by the UK hospital she was airlifted to from Norway

73 year old medical emergency Janet Richardson dropped in the sea...

 Cruise Expert Julian Bray comments: "Alpha Alpha Alpha" the most chilling tannoy message on a cruise ship, as it always means code for person overboard, all crew to emergency stations..."  Loading medevac passengers from cruise ships onto lifeboats and port pilot cutters and launches is almost an everyday occurance but the policy seems to differ from cruise ship company to cruise ship company. The distressing news that an elderly lady apparently suffering from internal bleeding, was the one who fell in the freezing sea waters is just horrific.Shwe has now been airlifted from Norway to a hospital in the Uk but the outlook isn't good.

Let us consider what cannot happen, in sea conditions at this time of year. Unless it is a millpond then forget about lashing the port vessel to the larger cruise ship, both would have to be at a standstill. What the Nowegians opted for was 'an at speed' transfer whereby both vessels are locked at the same speed and the smaller vessel literally steers slightly into the side of the larger hull immediately under the entry point. But the rescue ship seems to be more of a regular transfer vessel rather than a lifeboat or specialist ambulance craft.

The resultant vacuum created by the water motion is usually enough to temporarily  'glue' the two vessels together for a brief period ie just long enough to pass the stretcher and patient over.  This technique is used daily by pilots when they jump on and off ships requiring the services of a Pilot. What seems to have happened is that a sheet of ice had formed on surface of the the larger hull and created an ice wall or veneer so no binding or suction of the two vessels could take place. One rogue wave and the pensioner was in the drink...

 The second unusual point is that a standard ambulance stretcher ( probably loaded on board by the Norwegians ) was used with two tie straps, when a more usual kyak style semi enclosed 'rescue litter' stretcher is employed with a variety of ropes and in some cases pulleys.  However this lapse may well have immediately saved the unfortunate lady as she was thrown out of the ambulance stretcher which we can only presume was earlier loaded onto the ship by the norwegians as we commented earlier.

Why didn't the ship run for port? Simply it would take some time to stop, turn and divert the ship and if there was no vacant deep water berth free then a medevac at sea is still required, so this also has to be discounted. However I was on board the RCI Independence of the Seas in February when it did make an unscheduled stop at Gibraltar for all of 8 minutes. To offload a stretcher into a waiting ambulance.  I have also witnessed helicopter landings

Why no helicopter? Probably logistics, the time it would take to scramble and route a helicopter unlike the UK, many other countries do not fully maintain an instant response air service. Finally why did the ship not lanch one of its own tender vessels which also double up as an enclosed  motorised lifeboat for 150 persons?
probably due to the diatance from shore and the possibility of ice fouling the twin rotary propellers.

The sad fact is that it is also 100 years following the sinking of the RMS Titanic and the passengers from that era would also have been dumped into water of a like temperature, many of them died not through drowning but from hypothermia. Mrs Richardson died on Thursday evening. The news was released by the UK hospital on Saturday 23rd April after all relatives had been informed. Our thoughts are with the family and all those concerned in this tragic accident. Several investigations have now been started.

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RMS Titanic: All new lecture series now ready with full audio visual support

RMS Titanic: All new lecture series now ready with full audio visual support

RMS Titanic: 2011 Special Lecture Series

After intensive research, we have created five newly researched lectures and presentational packages on RMS Titanic. All the lectures have been rolled out and presented to large diverse audiences. Feedback has been excellent and the quality of questions at each presentation has been challenging but we fully answered all of them!

The lectures are presented by Julian Bray, Morag Irving joins for the live and totally unscripted question and answer sessions.

Questions are either gathered by pre-completed forms or by using a roving mic in the audience.

Clearly 2011, is a special year, 100 years following the sinking, so we are expecting strong early demand for confirmed dates. The ITV 'Titanic' televsion fictional mini series will also raise the profile of the RMS Titanic story and generate many Radio and TV stands,

Each RMS Titanic lecture is of roughly 40 minutes duration and can either be stand-alone or delivered as a series, we then offer an open house Q&A session.

All lectures are fully supported with layered, animated PowerPoint. For theatre presentations, we would present 2 of the lectures (2 x45 mins.) with an audience interactive Q&A at the end of the second half.

#1 RMS Titanic Films, Myth and Mystery How the Titanic Story is portrayed in films, on radio and in the press. We look at the storytellers and scriptwriters down the decades; their contribution to the Titanic story and myths they created.

#2 A Superliner is born: The RMS Titanic Story. Generations of irish shipbuilding families put their craft skills into building RMS Titanic not realising that othershad deliberately cut corners, specified sub-standard materials and unproven systems cynically creating a disaster in waiting.

#3 RMS Titanic and her Ugly Sisters. Why build one when you can build three? From the Titanic blueprint, two further near identical ships were built, all had the same design flaws and a cut down, money saving cheaper materials specification. Why did the White Star Line board feel the risks were worth taking or did some directors rebel?

#4 RMS Titanic Passengers: First Class or Steerage? Kidnappers & Murderers to Dukes & Bankers. We look at several untold fascinating ‘Upstairs & Downstairs’ stories culled from the RMS Titanic passenger manifest, featuring images ffrom the Queenstown (Cobh) Ireland Titanic Museum.

#5 RMS Titanic: The unsinkable Molly Brown, so why did she sink? We delve into recently released material to discover the shocking truth behind the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the lack of safety systems, unworkable lifeboat boarding and drills, loading of volatile firedamp bunker coal, faulty rivets and the use of condemned pig iron.

We also have a unique RMS Titanic presentation on Queenstown (Cobh) in Ireland, orginally prepared and presented during the maiden voyage of the Independence of the Seas from Southampton to Cobh.

Elements of the lectures can also be used (without PowerPoint) as an After Dinner Speech or Club presentation.

Call 01733 345581 for details

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When did you last stop beating your Elephant? Nick Lee

Annie the 58 year old elephant hopefully saying goodbye to the Bobby Roberts Super Circus and heading for Longleat Park ....

One man band.....we cannot locate a "Mr. Nick Lee" on the Internet see letter below...


In the spirit of free speech, this is is from a "Mr. Nick Lee" berating me for exposing in the Duckhouse blog, the systematic beating and abuse of a 58 year old Performing Circus Asian Elephant 'Annie', now mercifully heading towards retirement at Longleat Park, after 50 years in circus captivity.

Dear Mr Bray.

I write with regard to your internet blog regarding the Bobby Roberts Circus.

Clearly it is evident that Mr Roberts is not present during this sickening abuse.

Anyone who knows Mr Roberts knows that his animals come first.

Therefore i find your comments only adding to what is already a nasty hate campaign targeted at his family.

Your comments result in slander of a legal operation,which has complied with the law in every way.

His animals are checked more then 40 times per year (before opening at any venue and indeed more then any other animal in captivity) and never has a official or expert bought any criminal proceedings against him nor has there been reason for concern over the animals in his care.

Still now, they have allowed his show to continue, as they find his animals in good conditon with no signs of mistreatment.

I find your comments most insulting and unfortunatley i can only assume you are a nasty little man , more then likely part of the scum animal right terrorist movement.

Nick Lee Show Stage

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