Select Committee, whips up support for the Murdochs??

Hey Piers, Ye canna hack a Nokia if you throw it at someone first..

Media Commentator Julian Bray writes:

Cannot believe that I've sat through the entire Select Committee hearings today and I'll leave it to the Guardian to give you the detail and for my part I'll see if I can draw some kind of conclusions from all of this. Accept that my commercial background is Broadcasting, Journalism, Television Management and Management Consulting.

It is however hard to understand how the Select Committee of ill assorted MP's all with different size axes to grind, can with all honesty materially add to anything that the civil and criminal investigations currently underway will turn up.

The most staggering conclusion from todays round is that few of the MP's should ever be given a speaking part, the questioning ranged from blatent grandstanding to snide to considered and finally to plain stupid.

Perhaps we all expected these committees to be on a par with a court room or public enquiry, but here few if any lawyers are seen in to be in action and the standard of chairmanship ranged from weak to adequate. The hounding (and juvenile custard pie throwing ) of an 80 year old tycoon on worldwide television was hard to justify or take in. Even harder to understand on a World Service radio feed. The UK can and must do better than this.

Tom Watsons performance verged on bullying and made me wince. The earlier demonstration with posters should have at least put the authorities on alert and again calls into the question the whole idea of staging the Olympics whilst we are participating in  two wars, going through dire economic times and possibly now facing a snap General election - before the games.

It was counter productive as I found myself unwittingly pulled into the Murdoch camp despite the robotic responses from Murdoch Junior, but it was the fascination with Murdoch Senior and his flat hand bang of the desk to get points home.

He does this in public and he also does it in the Board Room. Rupert clearly deeply upset that he has worked a lifetime for this to find that a one percent contribution to overall revenues by the News of the World could unleash a firestorm of adverse comment and publicity. Twittering throughout I found that my comment were not only being picked up by the rich and famous but I'm also in agreement with Sir Alan Sugar! Still I suppose it could be worse. Michael Winner? Perhaps a couple of notches up from that... all in all not a good day for democracy and for Westminster?  Major questions remain to be asked, in fact far more than when we started this morning and its now 7pm Mrs Brooks is still politely answering questions... but the committee is still on the road to nowhere...

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Londons Top Cop accepts twelve thousand pounds of hospitality - resigns

Londons Top Cop accepts twelve thousand pounds of hospitality - resigns..

So if someone offered you twelve thousand pounds worth of lavish hospitality over several weeks at a leading country spa what would be your immediate reaction? Whats in it for them?

That in a nutshell is what the shock resignation of Londons Top Cop is all about.  It has gone much further than Digger bashing, there are now only a few Murdochs left to sack or humiliate. But there are 200 innocent highly skilled journalists out of work and unlikely to find a niche in the PR business or any other business for that matter as they have all been unfairly branded as toxic.

STOP PRESS Rupert Murdoch has now promised to find all 200 innocent sacked journalists jobs somewhere in the News Corp. empire, but only if they are not part of the hacking debacle!

The rest of it is all about politicians getting multiple knives in before the judicial process can properly run its course, supporting the idea that a person is innocent until proven guilty. No one seems to have taken ino account that the LONDON OLYMPICS are just over a year away and we need a secure Top Cop in the job. Sadly the way this is going, we could well see a snap General Election called by September, but no one is really shaping up to be the new leader or strong enough to take this country forward to where it should be.

On top of all that we also have Northern Ireland kicking off again, baton rounds and water cannon being deployed nightly.  Now would be a very good time to offer the six counties to its southern eurozone counterpart.

Coupled with increasing austerity measures, rapidly rising energy prices with tax escalators and what is delightfully called fuel poverty, if the UK freezes like it did last Winter, we can expect the elderly death toll to rise to astronomical or even biblical proportions.

The Unions are bracing for an Autumn of discontent so don't take a late holiday this year as Cameron and his sidekick Clegg could well call a snap general election in September ( Yes, i know I've already covered this point!) as the UK's social fabric starts to rapidly break down.

If you don't believe me, then just think of what happed during the Poll Tax Riots. Our current dire national financial position could be helped  if the costly elderly population was culled, sadly astronomical increases in energy prices will see to that.... Merry Christmas Everybody!

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Rupert Murdoch reinvents Goundhog Day....

Rupert Murdoch reinvents Goundhog Day....
Julian Bray casts an expert if somewhat critical eye....

"  Don't look Fred, they shredded container loads of  News of the World e-mails
for animal bedding!"  [Picture Montage by SPIZ]

Donning his battered crisis management hat, Julian Bray Media Commentator writes: So I hear that when it comes to blagging (no, not blogging) the Mirror is at the top of the list, then Associated Newspapers and News International way down the pile of shame... Says who? Political Blogger 'Guido Fawkes' and he has some very impressive authorities to back it up. But then where does this many headed hydra next go?

The PR/ crisis management strategy so far has been botched (yes, that is with the benefit of hindsight) on a scale not seen on these shores since the banks took all our money, went belly up then came back to the taxpayer to bail them out so they could carry on as usual....Not so long ago you say? True but isn't that just very British? We are never quite good enough in whatever we do.

We can't even schedule in a viable new aircraft carrier without a fifteen year interval, but still we take on a couple of wars, one totally dependent on air supremacy.   The next major disaster will be the Olympics, it has all the makings.... trust me on this. We should also wave a battered flag for the failed World Cup bid (bungs all round).

But back to all things Wapping, fortress Wapping I seem to remember, with the staff being bussed in through picket lines in riot protected  coaches. Boy, I bet Rupert wishes he still had those coaches for the current goings on! I say the PR strategy is flawed. The worlds TV cameras are parked day and night outside Wapping, but no one has bothered to clear the pile of rotting old pallets from the roof of the security entry check point ( Checkpoint Right Charlie!). "Hey Alf, the supervisor is on an inspection, what do I do with these old pallets? Stick 'em on the roof no one will ever know!"

For the latest update scan this QR with your i-phone

Well nearly right, no one expected this downtown docklands area to be red hot in media terms; as being part of the story is not how the media game is played.  The several News choppers pick them up every day, a bright PR man would have had a banner stretched the length of that flat roof with an appropriate advertising message for ....The Times. This is world coverage you would literally die PR terms.

When an aircraft crashes, the first thing airline head office would do is see that the tailfin company logo is painted out or a tarpaulin draped over it, then you worry about the rescue.... But what do the TV news bulletins pick out? The News of the World  fascia plate in bold red and white alongside the other mastheads, (it's the one bottom right, if anyone with the paint and brush at Wapping is listening).

STOP PRESS: My God this blog is effective! No sooner had I published, the man with the screwdriver removed the News of the World  masthead panel!

But the US news networks are not covering themselves with glory either, the raw fear of contagion is so very obvious. With US domestic politics on its own self destructive financial and senate voting rollercoaster, there is talk of the 'feds getting involved turning over a few more stones and seeing what crawls out underneath.  It will only probably turn up Piers Morgan, but that's enough to be going on with. Politicians and policemen caught up in the net, social diaries and clandestine meetings and sleepovers laid bare. The mind boggles.

Dumped Prime Ministers making rare appearances in the House of Commons, Gordon Brown mustering all the venom he could, shamlessly playing to the gallery, as was the Speaker gushing hell, fire and a short measure of brimstone. I've not heard a sermon like  it, well since the padre to the SAS, the Right Reverend Fraser McClusky, Former Moderator to the Church of Scotland gave an Easter address. He passed on a few years ago and is no doubt giving St Peter, both barrels on a daily basis.

But I digress, who on earth ordered the page ads. in rival newspapers enabling those newspapers to claim a free ride to the high moral ground (in the process donating the Murdoch revenue to worthy causes)? I'd be more impressed if they had refused to run such sugar coated twaddle.

I'm with the Mail on Sunday thinking, double the print run and drop the cover price to just a £1!  But it's too easy to be wise after the event so where do they go? Bear in mind News Corporation, only gets around 17 per cent of its revenue from the UK newspaper operation - BSKY B is another proposition entirely and the real cash cow, or prize in all of this.

Immediately I'd send the US PR firm packing, hire an expereinced London City PR shop like Anthony Cardew at Cardew Group who knows the media inside out. Draw a line under all the hand wringing, put major promotional and talent resource into the other titles and just put the Sky bid ( for the remaining shares- News Corp already holds a majority anyway and helpfully the bid although cancelled has been put on the spike for a while).

I'd also round up the key ex NotW journalists and immediately put them all on new freelance contracts, working up a new middle of the road multimedia set of titles, this would enable them to maintain dignity and harmony within their own families and continuity in employment and possibly repair misplaced loyalty but at least the anger against the founder Rupert Murdoch by the 200 innocents displaced by all this, would be contained, if not vapourised. It would enable Rupert to live out the rest of his life in some tranquility, whilst boosting the News International revenues. (I'd also change the company name, the last thing you corporately want to be, is news!)

The Jury would however still be out on the younger Murdoch generation. Those already arrested will have to let the lagal process take its course and a spell in Open Prison possibly awaits, but politicians ever quick to jump on and off bandwagons can only hope some career journalists have only kept their contemperaneous note books for the statutory six years, then ritually incinerated them, otherwise expect in 10 months time, a whole series of very detailed accounts helpfully serialised in rivals newspapers, neatly creating an early general election as the current raft of politicans find they too are the news, toxic and not wanted on this particular voyage.......

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Rebekah Brooks Resignation - A Wrong Corporate Governance Move says Media Commentator

Rebekah Brooks Resignation - A Wrong Corporate Governance Move says Media Commentator Julian Bray (01733 345581 ISDN 01733 555319)

"Media Commentator and early Wapping Veteran, Julian Bray who broke the 'Billy the Dust Bins' story 8 July 2011 (belatedly picked up by David Cameron during this weeks PMQ's :- " we got far more out of toffs dustbins that we ever did by hacking phones") on the day of the phone hacking story says: " I've carried below the statement made by James Murdoch to News International staff following the resignation of Rebekah Brooks over the News of the World phone hacking debacle."

"As an experienced City & Financial Services PR man - back in the 80's, I founded Leadenhall Associates and it was in the PRWEEK Top 150 chart within 18 months of the doors opening - my considered reaction is that I don't agree with her resignation being accepted.. She should have been suspended on full pay and moved to another NI centre with orders to assist the Board with any investigation.

"I say this, as in my experience, it makes any corporate governance remedy much harder to quickly and effectively introduce in all areas of the firm, if the gatekeeper of the 'secrets' file is no longer legally tied to the public company.

"You will also find buried deep in Murdochs Statement is the fact that "several other [well placed] executives have left the company." This neatly clears the way for the rapid launch of 'Sin on Sunday', sorry 'SUN on SUNDAY' to fill the vacuum left by the 'Screws' unless of course the Daily Mail hires the rump of the old NOTW team and beats them to it.

"In the several major entity corporate governance issues I have been involved with over last thrity years, I was always told that the independent non-executive directors should take over the investigation and hire in outside legal and communications talent as required.

"What we have here is the worst of all decisions. The ageing major shareholder and his son are taking over the investigation and the symbolic public flogging initially by way of full page ads in all newspapers and the public hanging by way of parliamentary committee. It all conveniently for the coalition governement lets the real political issues fall by the wayside and is the ideal vehicle to revive several political careers. For the word 'Hacking' simply substitute 'MPs' Expenses' it really is too easy."


James Murdoch: "I am writing to update you on the actions we have been taking as a company to solve the problems at News International relating to the News of the World, in addition to continuing to co-operate fully and actively with the police and settling civil claims.

Earlier today [Friday 15th 2011], Rebekah Brooks resigned from her position as CEO. I understand her decision and I want to thank her for her 22 years of service to the company. She has been one of the outstanding editors of her generation and she can be proud of many accomplishments as an executive. We support her as she takes this step to clear her name.

We have created an independent management and standards committee and I want to emphasise its importance. The committee has direct governance and oversight from News Corporation board members and is codifying standards that will be clear and enforced.

We made the difficult and necessary decision to close the News of the World.

A number of other executives have now left the company.

News Corporation also withdrew its proposal to acquire the shares in BSkyB it does not own. This is a strong signal that our top priority in the UK is to address the issues facing News International.

Looking to the future, I am also pleased to tell you that Tom Mockridge will become CEO of News International. Tom is in London today and will start right away. Tom is a highly respected and accomplished media executive who has served as CEO of Sky Italia since its launch in 2003.

Tom, who has also been in charge of our European television business, started his career as a newspaper journalist in New Zealand and he has held a range of top roles in the newspaper industry. The creation of TG-24, Italy's only truly independent 24 hours news channel, is a credit to Tom's leadership and integrity.

This weekend, News International will run advertisements in all national newspapers. We will apologise to the nation for what has happened. We will follow this up in the future with communications about the actions we have taken to address the wrongdoing that occurred.

We are also sending letters to our commercial partners with an update on the actions we are taking.

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Screws of the World nailed….

Screws of the World nailed….
Julian Bray Journalist & Media commentator discussing the shock news of the world closure on BBC Radio Stations throughout the UK on Friday 8th July 2011


0615 Radio SCOTLAND 






0708 PBORO












Schedule subject to change....
.....but gone by Monday, for ever!

168 years old and Murdoch Junior acting on Dads orders puts a final nail in the News of the World coffin and very neatly - according one highly respected media lawyer – this could also kill off a mountain of pending litigation over phone hacking by simply turning the whole mess over to a company liquidator, who could well shred any documents to save money and liquidate the assets.

It works under English law, but would not be allowed in the USA.

The much vaunted consultation period of 90 days for departing employees is also swiftly disposed of; you simply pay the departing scribes 90 days worth of wages and that as the say in the USA is job done. Consultation over, kindly leave the fortress as Wapping was once called.

The News of the World even once had Piers Morgan as an editor. So what is going on? advertisers have been leaving the NOTW in droves, only we hear to pass or park the advertising budget in the The Sun bank account …not my words but that of the marketing press.

Rupert Murdoch purchased the title in 1969 and it was his entry into the European market and he has relentlessly built on this, buying and closing Eddy Shahs Today Newspaper as he needed the extra print capacity. Eddy introduced computers and bore the brunt of the initial round of printer strikes essentially paving the way for the wholesale move to computer technology, remote printing plants and the end of hot metal linotype machines.

At one time in the 1950’s the NOTW sold over 8 million copies. Last Sunday the circulation was 2.6 million, still excellent by current standards. News, passed a series of documents containing the serious bribe allegations to police on June 20th, by July 5th News International had registered as a trademark Sun on Sunday.

Clearing out the troublesome NOTW journalists and turning the soaraway Sun into a cheaper to run seven day a week operation has to be a shareholder vote winner, surplus or duplicated staff are let go and the overhead for two operations is combined into one. Advertising being spread ever thinner in a shrinking market is therefore concentrated, thus halting any slide in revenues.

But it is not just a problem for the NOTW, but one for the whole industry, falling circulations and revenues, so is it any wonder that the executive turn the screws even harder on the hard pressed hacks and demand bigger scandals and more outrageous stories? The news of the world was on a roll exposing dodgy dealings and passing bundles of treasury notes to policemen, corrupt policemen.

The Guardian is also reporting that an ex NOTW editor Andy Coulson is to be arrested by appointment. How civilised is that? The central investigation is that of phone hacking, perjury and in my own words crass stupidity for authorising bundles of notes for shifty policemen and writing e-mails about it... Heavens knows what damage has been done to countless County and High Court trials and clearly when the investigation runs its full course many convictions could be overturned or at the least challenged.

On the back of this is the question of BSKYB. Should the Murdoch faction be allowed to take over BSKYB? Newspapers only account for 17 percent of the global revenues of News Corporation whereas a third, 33 percent is generated by Sky alone. Easy maths.

Rebekah Wade or Brookes as we should now call her was once a NOTW editor and now the chief executive of News International, has amazingly escaped the chop and retains the confidence of James Murdoch, she did however offer her resignation but it was not accepted by the Board.

She was however shown the door by journalists and ordered to leave the newsroom by the acting editor who had to spell out the detail of the three month consultation period but in effect after Sunday the doors will be locked as the departing hacks will simply take home 90 days wages.

They will be confused as the last of the ‘tained journalists moved out over five years ago, and the current award winning crew is whiter than white. Non ‘tained, that is if you exclude Ms Brookes, who admitting illegal payments had been passed to corrupt policemen only she said that within the Palace of Westminster and cannot be held to account unless she repeats it outside…..


Contributor: Media, Aviation, Politics & Travel Expert, Broadcaster Julian Bray SKYPE: Julian.Bray.UK UK Landline: 01733 345581 Mobile: 07944 217476 ISDN2 downline +44(0)1733 555 319 (B'cast ISDN Remote Studio) G722/APT-X Dual Codecs Glensound C5


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