The Kiwayu Safari Village resort, owned by a local family, where a british male tourist has been murdered and his wife abducted were on the first night of their secluded holiday.

The Kiwayu Safari Village resort, owned by a local family, where a british male tourist has been murdered and his wife abducted were on the first night of their secluded holiday.

Kiwayu was at one time a favourite haunt of A-list celebrities, but this elite clientele relies on word-of-mouth recommendation and the A-listers have mostly moved on to other more secure fashionable resorts.  Guests live in roundovals or bandas, small cottages. It is located on the Kiunga Marine Reserve, in a sheltered lagoon opposite the island of Kiwayu, north of Mombasa and Lamu, over 300 miles east of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. What is not generally appreciated is that it is a short boat ride from Somalia, known for its pirates and general lawlessness. The whole Kenyan shoeline and beaches from Mombasa right up to Somalia.

Julian Bray Travel Expert commented: "Having stayed in the region several times, I can confirm that guest security has always been a problem during the four decades I have visited the region, and commercial security guards from private contractors are usually employed. But recently in order to save money, many resorts now directly employ their own locally recruited security staff.  Hotel receptionists usually strongly suggest guests keep within well guarded and patrolled hotel grounds and compounds and actively discourage guests from sunbathing, swimming and strolling on the unguarded public beaches beyond the compounds."

"The beach hotels are also home to packs of vervet monkies who often leap onto balconies and steal anything loose from bedrooms, if the windows and balcony doors in most hetels are left open. At Kiwayu you simply don't have the choice.   

"The Kiwayu resort website featuring the resort stresses its seclusion, normally guests have to fly in a light aircraft to the nearby island of Lamu before transferring to the resort by sea.  There are 18 roundovals or en-suite cottages all built with traditional materials by local craftsmen and are spread along the shoreline like a ribbon development facing the lagoon and silver sand beach.

"There is spasmodic mobile phone coverage at the resort, such coverage is said to be at the edge of cell reception from a mast located on the mainland, there is no broadcast television but movies/ TV shows are piped in from a dvd player system."


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