Researchers Identified New Target for Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs last January not July 1st in the Dailty Express

Researchers Identified Potential New Target for Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs, maybe...

            Readers of the Daily Express on July 1st 2013 may be forgiven for thinking they may have heard about the "Arthritis Care breakthrough" a few months ago. They have. The front page of the London Daily Express, under the byline of Jo Wiley Health Editor IS REHASHING OLD STORIES FROM THE INTERNET, this one dated January 25th 2013. The front page misleadingly screams:   

But the striking front page is misleading and cruel says Julian Bray Broadcaster & Journalist he said "The study announced by Researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery simply identified a potential new target for drugs to treat patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a protein known as IRHOM2."

The finding could at some time in the future provide an effective and potentially less toxic alternative therapy to tumor necrosis factor-alpha blockers (TNF-blockers), one of the treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, and could help patients who do not respond to this treatment. Dr Jane Salmon quoted in the Daily Express gave no guarantees and rather than being "a breakthough" it is yet another avenue being explored which could possibly be turned into a a fully tested drug therapy possibly many years in the future.

The researchers only claimed that efforts to develop drugs that work on this new target are underway. Simply there is a long way to go, and no guaranteed chance at the end of it that it will work, that it will work.
Jane Salmon, M.D., (Pictured) of the Mary Kirkland Center for Lupus Research at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York City, is an author of the study. “We have identified a clinically relevant target that can be applied to patients in the near term.”

The study has already appeared online, on January 25th, then in print in the the Journal of Clinical Investigation, February 2013 print issue.

Julian Bray added: "Rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease, is triggered, in large part, by TNF-alpha, a small signaling protein usually involved in launching protective systemic inflammatory responses.  With excessive TNF production, immune cells can become activated  and cause tissue inflammation. This produces a number of diseases, including . rheumatoid arthritis"

"While TNF-blockers help many rheumatoid arthritis patients, these treatments are very expensive, and some patients do not respond. For this reason, researchers have been searching for alternative targets in patients with inflammatory diseases against which drugs can be directed. It is hoped the Daily Express will quickly make the position clear so that the millions who suffer in the UK are not given premature false hope at this early stage, and that Jo Wiley will recognise this is not front page news but nearly six months old and ......" 

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Paris Air Show: Germans rule the Airbus airways in Europe

Lufthansa A321neo. Photo courtesy Airbus
Lufthansa started the aviation ball rolling at the 2013 Paris Air Show with a $10.4-billion order with Airbus for an impressive 100 A320s, and a $5 billion order from ILFC aircraft leasing company for fifty A320neo aircraft.
The aircraft for Lufthansa includes 35 A320neo, 35 A321neo and 30 A320ceo, all of which will be equipped with Sharklet wing-tip devices, according to Airbus. ILFC placed its order as an addition to a  2011 order for 100 A320 aircraft.
This latest development confirms Lufthansa, as the largest Airbus customer in Europe, bringing its order total for A320s to around 300.   The new engine option A320 is scheduled to enter service in 2015. ILFC is to  make its engine choice at a later date. Airbus is still to announce its forwar delivery schedules for the two large A320 orders.

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Paris Air Show: GE Capital Aviation Services $2.9 Billion boost for 10 Boeing 787-10X aircraft


Boeing executives were cock-a-hoop on the first day of the Paris Air Show when they received a commitment from GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) for 10 787-10X aircraft. The agreement, is worth around $2.9 billion at current Boeing listings.
The Boeing 787-10X is the largest variant of  the 787 Dreamliner family, with a capacity of up to 330 passengers and powered by General Electric GE-nx engines.   Although the delivery schedule for the aircraft will be subject to its 787-10X programme launch.

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Paris Air Show: Odyssey Airlines to Launch With Bombardier CSeries

Odyssey Airlines CS100. Photo courtesy Bombardier.
Signs that the Uk economy might be on the move again as we hear that Odyssey Airlines, a London centered start-up airline has confirmed a $628 million order for 10 Bombardier CS100 aircraft on the first day of the Paris Air Show.
 The airline is to use the CS100 to service destinations that cannot currently be reasched from London City on non-stop all-business class flights.
Odyssey CEO Adam Scott said: “We are launching Odyssey Airlines with the CS100 aircraft because its transcontinental range will allow us to connect key city airports with stringent performance and environmental requirements both in Europe and further afield,”
 Akbar Al Baker Qatar Airways CEO reveale to journalists at the Paris Air Show, his airline is interested in purchasing the CSeries, but is waiting "to see them fly at the end of the month and how many orders they get."   Bombardier expects to conduct the first CSeries flight later this month, with entry into service planned for 2014

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Liverpool Albert Docks: Amphibious Tour Bus sinks with 30 aboard ( wartime DUKW )

Picture Courtesy: Press Association

A converted for tourism wartime DUKW landing craft has sunk in Liverpools Albert Dock. Some thirty tourists including children were on board.

It since has been confirmed there are no fatalities, and only one person (from the 31 rescued) has since been detained in hospital according to ambulance sources.

There are said to be four craft belonging to the Yellow Duck Marine Company of Liverpool. The craft known as DUKW or Ducks were used during the wartime D-Day landings and for many years have been uses as tourist vehicles or inland net and line fishing craft. In recent years substantial modifications, many mandatory, have been made to the orginal design, for both safety and comfort reasons but in some cases retaining the iconic outward shape. Ideally the DUKW type craft still need to operate in fairly calm waters, as the weight is not evenally distributed.

A full accident investigation will be carried out, and in the interim period all Liverpool DUKW's are suspended from operation. This latest incident will probably see the end of these type of operations in their current form, as in addtion to the accident marine investigation, insurers will needs to recalculate the risk of insuring this type of novelty vehicle. Photographs show that passengers are not required to wear lifjackets before boarding or during the voyage, and can only access emergency jackets, rafts and floatation equipment once an emergency has been declared.  

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