Kenyan Troops in Nairobi

The fastest way to bring down a tourist ( Annualised tourist figures in excess of $1.3 billion ) based Economy - such as exists in the sovereign state of Kenya on the East Coast of Africa; with of its border adjoining Somalia - is to target 'High Nett Worth individials and the well- heeled professional or the chattering classes. And to ensure that the results are on world wide television and radio channels and by keeping the matter going for several days. Says Julian Bray who spent several years in Kampala Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania following Independence, 

How effective this is can be judged by the relentless coverage given by BBC and Sky News and the other rolling news channels, at the expense of the British Labour Party conference in Brighton.

David Cameron meanwhile has seized the opportunity and cannily calling several  Cobra  security committee meetings to discuss the situation as it affects the UK. pretty good by all accounts as we train the officers and generals and supply most of the military kit.

Costa Concordia hulk completes stage one of the Parbuckle salvage

JULIAN BRAY, broadcaster & Journalist, Media, Aviation, & Travel Expert. Broadcaster & Journalist EQUITY Member NUJ Life Mbr. UK Tel: 01733 345581 (isdn link on application)


The ten hour operation to recover the capsized wreck of a former cruise ship, originally due to start at daybreak was delayed for two hours due to weather conditions but is now underway to remove the Costa Concordia  114,500 tonne cruise ship wreck that saw 32 people perish. The hulk has dominated their hoizon for 18 months.

The captain of the Concordia cruise ship drove it onto a reef off the coast of Tuscany, the wreck of the ship dominates the skyline of the island of Giglio.

On Monday, the Italian government started a parbuckle salvage operation to float off the hulk onto a submerged support platform, and all in one piece.

Italian islanders are looking forward to getting the 114,500 tonnes of rusting metal - the largest capzied passenger ship ever - out of their harbour. But the ten hour operation starting at 06.00 - known as parbuckling - will have to right the ship before it can be removed.

By sliding the 300m long ship down a ledge onto a platform erected below the ship, American firm Titan Salvage hope to set it upright, before attaching flotation cahmbers known as Cassions to the side that will allow it to be lifted to the surface and floated out of the harbour. 

Braces will hold together the ship's bow while it is being moved, and fishing nets will catch debris as it rises from beneath the ship.

As a first priority of the salvage operation,  200,000 tonnes of fuel on the ship was removed, the tanks threatened an ecological disaster. 32 passengers died in January 2011 when the captain diverted from the set course and steered the ship onto a reef.

Problems including slow chaotic evacuation of the 4000 passengers , and the captain's failure to alert the harbour for an hour after the impact contributed to the deaths.
Two unaccounted for passengers are still missing, and their bodies will something that divers will look for as they go through the rooms of the ship.

Julian Bray, CNS Braodcast, Agencies & Channel 4 News.

JULIAN BRAY, broadcaster & Journalist, Media, Aviation, & Travel Expert. Broadcaster & Journalist EQUITY Member NUJ Life Mbr. UK Tel: 01733 345581 (isdn link on application)


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