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Thursday, 27 July 2017


Heathrow Terminal 5
Your really have to hand it to the PR department financial report writers at Heathrow, readers would be forgiven for thinking that nothing ever goes wrong at Heathrow, although some passengers try to avoid Europes busiest airport like the plague. Admittedly some of the events are due to subcontractors and wholly unconnected industry problems elsewhere.
Despite well publicised baggage conveyor breakdowns and the British Airways computer system going into meltdown. London Heathrow Airport astonished some commentators by delivering they say 'strong service' and 'better value for passengers'.
They point to record punctuality and even claim baggage reliability supported its highest Q2 Airport Service Quality score of 4.16 as passenger charges fell 2.3%. Clearly the BA ongoing series of 'mixed fleet' strikes has increased traffic flow away from Gatwick with Heathrow picking up the diverted and rebooked traffic.
Helping the figures the airport notes that new New Flybe services and long haul destinations such as Portland and New Orleans enhance domestic connectivity
and in theory open new trading routes to British exporters, however until brexit deals are fixed, no trade deals to exploit these new long haul destinations can be relied on.


That whole brexit problem clearly not enhanced by the news that failed former Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson - not noted for his people skills - is now "effectively a civil servant" and part of the David Davis hastily formed Brexit department, the official confirmation finally sneaked out by Jackson earlier today in the local Peterborough newspaper.

No one can so far, find where this lucrative public position, pad for out of public funds was advertised, and the type of transparent recruitment process undertaken, to ensure value for money and if indeed Mr Jackson has the right temperament for such a sensitive negotiating position .    


Heathrow also underlines what they term booming activity with all-time records in passenger traffic - up 3.9% to 37.1 million - and cargo - up 9.1% to 0.82 million tonnes. The increase in cargo does however put extra pressure on the road network around Heathrow. Much of this cargo traffic could say some groups be transferred to other regional airports. 

Strong financial performance with revenue up 4.1% to £1,374 million and Adjusted EBITDA up 6.9% to £835 million reflecting renewed strengthening of retail momentum.  Over £1 billion in debt financing restructure also completed, simplifying Heathrow’s debt financing arrangements.

They also flag up the new partnership with Transport for London increasing transport options for passengers with Crossrail serving all terminals from 2019. Working with airlines, Heathrow says it is making good progress towards meeting the Government’s
challenge to deliver expansion with airport charges close to current levels.

At or for six months ended 30 June 2017 2016 Change (%)
(£m unless otherwise stated)
Revenue 1,374 1,320 4.1

Adjusted EBITDA(1) 835 781 6.9

EBITDA(2) 909 769 18.2

Cash generated from operations 820 700 17.1

Cash flow after investment and interest(3) 200 76 n.m

Pre-tax profit(4) 102 75 36.0

Heathrow (SP) Limited consolidated net debt(5) 12,454 11,908 4.6

Heathrow Finance plc consolidated net debt(5) 13,132 13,005 1.0

Regulatory Asset Base(5) 15,485      15,237 1.6

Passengers (m)(6) 37.1       35.7 3.9

Retail revenue per passenger (£)(6) 8.43      7.84 7.6

John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow CEO commented:
“Heathrow’s strong start to 2017 is a boon for Britain – our passengers are getting better value and service, more British trade is flying high on new trading links and our expansion plans are on track.
The Government set us the challenge to expand Britain’s hub while keeping airport charges close to current levels. Working with airlines, we are making good progress to meet this challenge whilst delivering all our local commitments and the global connections our country needs.”

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Dublin based airline Ryanair has made a "non-binding offer" for Italian carrier Alitalia.  In May, Alitalia filed to be put into special administration, for the second time since 2008. The once great Italian flag carrier and airline to the Pope (he has his own airport special terminal) will now possibly be restructured, sold on as a going concern or finally wound up.

By Friday the Italian press claimed some ten non-binding offers had bee logged. Alitalia went through this process in 2007-8 before it was re-launched with Gulf airline Etihad taking a 49% stake.
"We are serious and have an interest in bidding for Alitalia," said Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary.
He continued: "but only if there was a significant restructuring so Alitalia could reasonably be seen to operate on a profitable basis."
The current Italian government has ruled out renationalising Alitalia, which was privatised, went through a relaunch nine years ago. Bridging finance has however been keeping the airline afloat, but that is only for a six month period.

Some eighteen groups expressed an interest, given access to the Alitalia books, in order they could prepare what is termed non-binding offers, and the deadline for submitting these has now passed - although if a well primed new entrant puts in a really attractive document it could well be considered.

The next stage is to submit a binding offer, and that has to be tabled by October.

Julian Bray Aviation expert writes:The smart money seems to be on Etihad which already owns 49% buying the remaining 51% , setting up a European based subsidiary effectively turning Alitalia into a feeder, predominately cargo airline.

The major Alitalia international routes and slots being turned over to the parent Etihad, and shared between the two brands, but possibly a proportion still under an Alitalia livery, with an international crew, rather like the 'mixed fleet' (lower pay and perks) arrangement favoured by British Airways owner IAG, based in Spain. Existing Alitalia staff on current terms but any new staff on the 'mixed fleet' package.

The doomsday option is that if no one submits a binding offer then the Alitalia administrators will formally wind up the airline. Alitalia over the years has suffered from poor industrial relations with its Union represented flying and cabin crew.  

JULIAN BRAY +44(0)1733 345581, Journalist & Broadcaster, Aviation Security & Airline Operations Analyst/expert, ... Travel & Holiday Guru,  ...  ...,   ... Aviation / Travel / Maritime & Cruise Industries, NUJ, EQUITY, LIVE ISDN LINK, Broadcast ISDN COOBE ++44 (0)1733 345020 ... SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK e&oe Old faithful NOKIA: 07944 217476

Monday, 24 July 2017


Wizzair Airbus (Library shot)

On board WizzAir flight W61005 from Katowice Airport Poland en route to Luton Airport, a passenger was tackled by fellow travellers as he lunged for a pressurised emergency door on board a flight.

Bedfordshire Police were  called to London's Luton Airport shortly before 23:00 BST on Saturday to await the arrival of W61005 to deal with a "disruptive passenger" on a WizzAir  flight from Poland.  Passengers "wrestled him to the floor", and then sat on him a witness said.

He was arrested at Luton Airport by police on suspicion of endangering an aircraft.

The incident happened some thirty minutes before finals and landing at Luton, according to a passenger the man "walked from the front of the plane and sat next to a woman by the emergency exit over the wing, suddenly he lunged across her and tried to open the door."

Air crew then restrained his hands using seatbelts used in safety demonstrations. Bedfordshire Police confirmed the arrested man was immediately taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries and then back to a police station for questioning.

Wizz Air confirmed an incident had taken place on the flight, saying a passenger had "become unruly and abusive".

"The crew on duty followed standard procedures to ensure the continued safe operation of the flight. Upon landing, the passenger was handed over to the respective authorities," a spokeswoman said.

"Safety and security are the top priorities of the airline and there is zero tolerance for abusive behaviour towards our passengers and staff."

JULIAN BRAY +44(0)1733 345581, Journalist & Broadcaster, Aviation Security & Airline Operations Analyst/expert, ... Travel & Holiday Guru, ... ..., ... Aviation / Travel / Maritime & Cruise Industries, NUJ, EQUITY, LIVE ISDN LINK, Broadcast ISDN COOBE ++44 (0)1733 345020 ... SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK e&oe Old faithful NOKIA: 07944 217476

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Smuggle air becomes con air as British Architect and a woodworker fast track jailed by French

Marck Airfield, near Calais
A British pilot holding a private pilots licence, and his accomplice have been sent to prison in France for trying to fly illegal migrants to the UK at a cost of £10,000 for each person. They would have netted £40,000 for the 4 Albanians found on board....
In what is believed to be the first prosecution of its kind with several more in the pipeline - David Green, 54, and Edward Buckley, 46, were charged with being British  members of ‘an extensive network of people smugglers’.
The pair were caught five days earlier as they tried to take off from a small airfield in Marck, near Calais, in a Cessna light plane  with four Albanians stowed on board.
Having been arrested, they were fast tracked for a criminal trial at Boulogne-sur-Mer Correctional Court, and each sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.
Green – an architect – and Buckley, a carpenter, were found guilty of ‘assisting the movement of illegal immigrants in an organised gang’.

Source AFP, Daily Mail, CNS,

JULIAN BRAY +44(0)1733 345581, Journalist & Broadcaster, Aviation Security & Airline Operations Analyst/expert, ... Travel & Holiday Guru,  ...  ...,   ... Aviation / Travel / Maritime & Cruise Industries, NUJ, EQUITY, LIVE ISDN LINK, Broadcast ISDN COOBE ++44 (0)1733 345020 ... SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK e&oe Old faithful NOKIA: 07944 217476


A UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) / Drone registration system is to be launched under new rules to reduce misuse, the Government has announced.

Julian Bray Aviation Expert writes: Carefully drawn up drone /UAV legislation with increased penalties proposed by the previous parliament had to be dumped due to the general election being called and it was not reintroduced by the new government. Sadly the new rules are simply too little, too late, but at least it is a start. 

This resulted in intensive lobby activity by many experts (including this blog ) as it has been shown that even a lightweight drone near miss or an impact - possibly sucked into an engine air intake - can cause major problems to aircraft.

Many experts claim these new regulations are seen as a watered down version of what is really needed to keep our skies safe.

A demonstration of the extent that an education and awareness programme needs to be rolled out, was seen in stark reality on screen earlier today, as a so called Sheffield University drone expert who also claimed to be a private pilot, when questioned by the Saturday BBC Breakfast team, was clearly unable to quote from the existing drone code, and was uncertain about the extent of existing exclusion zones around property and airports. Didn't seem to know that all drone users are already subject to a variety of safety regulations!

To assist, our library of posts on UAV's are on this link:,+drones,uav,

The measure is designed to help authorities trace owners 'when the flying machines are used inappropriately.'
Concerns that a mid-air collision between a drone and an aircraft could occur have been raised by dozens  of reported near misses.

Twenty-two incidents involving drones, balloons or unknown objects were investigated by the UK Airprox Board from January to April this year.

The new rules mean drones weighing 250g or more (say, the weight of a can of soup) must be registered. An online or app-based system may be introduced and users will have to pass an on-line safety awareness test as part of the new registration process.

Not all drones are affected as some drones available on the high street are said to be too light to be affected by the regulation, not all experts agree and suggest the new registration system should apply to all UAV's especially lightweight versions, although the Government said it chose the weight following new research.

A study funded by the Department for Transport, airline pilots' union Balpa and regulator the Military Aviation Authority found drones weighing 400g could damage the windscreen of a helicopter. Although some commercial drone operators dispute the findings and are claiming the test rig used was not representative of the UAV's currently in use.

Meanwhile, on the military drone/UAV front Reuters from Paris are reporting Israeli defense electronics company Elbit Systems Ltd is moving quickly to innovate and maintain its edge in a global market in which it faces increasing competition from China, France, Turkey and others.

The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) maker's vice president Elad Aharonson told Reuters his firm is adding new capabilities to its drones and boosting their data processing power to meet the needs of his Australian, Brazilian, South Korean, Indian and U.S customers.
Elbit unveiled a new remotely-operated drone at the Paris Airshow, SkyStriker, described as a "long-loitering munition" that is designed to fly for hours while sending back live video and data and to also be guided onto a target to deliver explosives.
The drone offers a "kill" function that allows an operator to abort the strike at the last minute.
New products like the SkyStriker UAV are an example of the constant need for innovation, said Aharonson, who also leads Elbit's intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) division created in 2015.
The division allows Elbit to fuse drone data collection with data management and analysis.
Aharonson said customers need more than just hours of footage from flying drones. "A lot of data is collected on the desk of the officer, and he doesn't know what to do with it," .  

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Friday, 21 July 2017


Crowded? A time-lapse picture puts it in perspective...

Julian Bray Broadcaster and Aviation Expert will be discussing the whole issue of air corridors and air traffic control, live on air, BBC Local Radio stations at various times during the late afternoon 'Drivetime programmes. It will be a live conversation in the studio and a lively debate is promised, as protest groups are also being invited to put their point of view......

Art installation on board RCI Navigator of the Seas

Its being claimed by some media outlets that Air Traffic Controllers are warning that "UK skies are running out of room"  because of a record number of flights. Well that isn't technically correct, what they are really saying is that the airspace together with the air corridors specifically controlled by Air Traffic Controllers is getting very crowded, as the orginal system was thought up decades ago and is no longer appropriate for the new breed of environmentally  friendly hushed aircraft.

This is being raised as today Friday is likely to be the busiest day of the year, with air traffic controllers expecting to handle more than 8,800 flights - a record number. 

It has to be a co-incidence that our recently elected MPs broke up for the long Summer recess yesterday and are already flying out to their holiday retreats and no doubt more bottles of warm Prosecco.... 

It is however correct that ATC is pressing for a drastic rethink and update in the way aircraft are guided across UK controlled airspace, and this will put the airport and environmental protesters, and those in favour of extended airways and air corridor expansion at loggerheads. 

In the meantime, Government has launched a consultation to look at the whole ATC question and its development over the next 30 years, however some say this is just a fudge, to get over the problems thrown up by Brexit and the ending of the EU section of the 'open skies' agreement.  

Of course when this was all set up, no one had remotely ever considered the UK leaving the European Union, and the implications of Brexit.

It is hoped that - Brexit willing - the consultation will shape the UK's aviation industry for the next 30 years. To put it in context  Air traffic controllers expect to manage a record 770,000 flights in UK airspace over the summer - 40,000 more than last year.

But the ability of the UK's National Air Traffic Control Service (Nats) to deal with this surge is being stretched to the limit, it is claimed.

NATNOTE: NATS is a public private partnership between the Airline Group***, which holds 42%, NATS staff who hold 5%, UK airport operator LHR Airports Limited with 4%, and the government which holds 49%, and a golden share.

*** The Airline Group comprises: 
  • USS Sherwood Limited
  • British Airways PLC
  • Pension Protection Fund
  • easyJet Airline Company Limited
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited
  • Deutsche Lufthansa AG
  • Thomson Airways Limited
  • Thomas Cook Airlines Limited

UK flights handled as of 16:20 hrs Friday

  • Departed today 2,653
  • Landed today 2,248
  • Currently airborne 548
  • Handled yesterday 8,124
Updated today FRIDAY at 16:20

Source: BBCNews, CAA, NATS,CNS,

JULIAN BRAY +44(0)1733 345581, Journalist & Broadcaster, Aviation Security & Airline Operations Analyst/expert, ... Travel & Holiday Guru,  ...  ...,   ... Aviation / Travel / Maritime & Cruise Industries, NUJ, EQUITY, LIVE ISDN LINK, Broadcast ISDN COOBE ++44 (0)1733 345020 ... SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK e&oe Old faithful NOKIA: 07944 217476


We should step back from the whole Brexit scenario and look at the dire situation the UK is in and then objectively consider how best to proceed. Julian Bray broadcaster and aviation expert writes...

The reality is that the politics involved in the Brexit negotiations is a complete and utter Horlicks and some major companies are not waiting for the politicians to mess this up or limp back from Brussels with a compromise or no deal at all, they know that if the UK is subject to World Trade Organisation [WTO] rules then everything, repeat everything, in terms of goods and services will immediately jump in price by a shocking 25percent or more, simply no one knows the real additional 'Brexit' cost on everything we do... 

Faced with this, many firms are already using their accumulated warchest financial resources - once earmarked for acquisitions - to build a secure post-brexit future, an assurance for stakeholders and jobs for employees.  

An indication of how chaotic the whole process is turning out is that we understand defeated Conservative Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson was seemingly offered a covert 'mates' deal, a job with David Davis as Chief of Staff of his Brexit Department, but now plain Mr Stewart Jackson has not so far had the job - paid for out of public funds - confirmed. Perhaps he will have to go through the interview process like everyone else? 

Airlines are particularly adept at moving vast financial assets around the world in the form of their aircraft and that is precisely what is happening to EasyJet, but its at a cost, a one off hit of some £10million. 

To get around the immediate impact of an adverse - or even no deal brexit - operationally there will now be three easyJets,  and each headquartered  in different countries - one in the UK, one in Switzerland and now a new EasyJetEurope in based in Austria.

This isn't a token operation, the airline will have its own fleet, staff and capital inventory.

But as this is a brexit workaround it is still part of easyJet's UK operations. Aircraft don't earn money by sitting on the ground so naturally as we say the airlines financial assets will be constantly crossing borders, spending little (possibly no) time  inside Austria.

As for overall strategy we are assured the major strategy will be set in  downtown Luton, however that might now all change as the EasyJet CEO, a former Guardian Newspaper Ad Sales Chief,  is jumping ship to take up a big job in television with ITV.  

Simply if easyJet, didn't put their 3 airline option in place and the UK fails to negotiate a strong exit from the EU then all their flights within Europe would be halted. Its a hardnose position from Europe and that is unlikely to change.

The UK leaving is a massive 'loss of face' for the European grandees (and a huge black hole in the EU accounts - which incidentally have not been fully audited for the last 20 years or so...)  

The fact that the UK helped totally rebuild Europe after World War II, giving the current European nations a hugely competitive post war manufacturing advantage ( ie new factories, infrastructure and so on) whilst we in the UK still using old pre-war machinery, continued to repay the US for all the armaments and war machines supplied in the late 30's early 1940's under the terms of the Lend Lease agreement. Those payments by the UK to the USA only finished about 10 years ago! Clearly the rolled-up cost of 'lend lease' should be factored into and set against any financial demand from Europe.

Even General De Gaulle who spent most of WWII safely holed up in a house in Baker Street London, then turned his back on us when he was elected President..... but then few of the current BREXIT negotiating team would ever know this!  
That might seem an unlikely prospect, but it's one that is now giving sleepless nights to plenty within Britain's airline industry.

But back to the EasyJet Europe deal, European flight permissions are part of what is generally called the  "Open Skies" agreement, although the whole agreements covers the Atlantic as well but in essence 'Open skies' are anything but, and an integral part of the European union make-up.

If Brexit was law tomorrow, many of the flights between Britain and Europe would be immediately grounded. A whole new set of rules would have to be negotiated from scratch and that is something that needs years let alone enacted overnight!

By establishing a new EasyJetEurope operation, based in Austria, it can apply to Austria and claim an European Air Operators Certificate and can operate fly routes within the European Union - as a European company located within Europe. The one-off £10million being spent by EasyJet is now looking mightily attractive.

Many large banks, mainly American owned, are now applying for European status but mistakenly heading for Paris. Anyone who currently has a business in Paris will understand the overbearing staff regulations - virtually impossible to sack employees,  and the simple fact that business Paris totally closes down in August leaving it to the tourists! 

JULIAN BRAY +44(0)1733 345581, Journalist & Broadcaster, Aviation Security & Airline Operations Analyst/expert, ... Travel & Holiday Guru,  ...  ...,   ... Aviation / Travel / Maritime & Cruise Industries, NUJ, EQUITY, LIVE ISDN LINK, Broadcast ISDN COOBE ++44 (0)1733 345020 ... SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK e&oe Old faithful NOKIA: 07944 217476

Thursday, 20 July 2017


Primera Air Airbus A321 NEO.  
NEO? New Engine Option...

Stansted to New York and Boston £149 INCLUSIVE !!

Well President Donald Trump must be doing something right, as we hear that the good old USA is back on the arrivals board at London Stansted, now owned by the Manchester Airport Group.  It has been confirmed that daily direct flights using the new narrow bodied Airbus A321NEO from Stansted to New York and Boston will start from April 2018 through the Danish carrier Primera Air. Flight time is 8 hours 25 minutes. Non-stop.  Julian Bray Aviation expert writes.

Flights to both destinations first went on sale this morning  (July 20th 2017) with inclusive fares starting from £149 one-way (inclusive of all taxes, fees and charges)

Visit for more information.

The service links the Cambridge UK-Stansted-London science & technology corridor with Newark Airport for New York and Boston’s Logan Airport. If that isn't good enough Primera Air also plans to announce additional  transatlantic routes from Stansted by the end of this summer.

Flights will be operated using the new Airbus A321NEO aircraft, a choice of two cabins, full-service premium and low-fare economy, free Wi-Fi complete with onboard charging points.  Danish Primera Air will be the first airline for nine years to fly scheduled services to the USA from Stansted.

Primera Air president and chairman Andri Ingolfsson said: “We are very proud to announce our new base at London Stansted and routes to the US. With our brand new Airbus A321NEO aircraft, we are opening routes previously traditionally served only by wide-body aircraft.

“With unmatched efficiency of these new-generation aircraft, we will be able to offer unprecedented prices to our passengers from London Stansted to the USA. At the same time, we are very proud to be offering a low-fare/high quality product and service concept, that will be perfect both for leisure and business travellers.”

Andrew Cowan, Stansted’s chief executive added: “We’re thrilled Primera Air has chosen London Stansted as its UK base for these exciting and innovative new long-haul services to the USA.

“We know from our customers that there is enormous demand for flights to New York and Boston from London and the East of England, so the arrival of Primera Air is fantastic news for both business and leisure passengers wanting great value, excellent service and the convenience of flying transatlantic from their local airport.”

Flights to both destinations went on sale today (July 20) with prices starting from £149 one-way inclusive of all taxes, fees and charges.

Visit for more information.

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IATA and Airlines for America Launch Baggage Tracking Campaign

IATA and Airlines for America Launch Baggage Tracking Campaign     

Geneva – The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airlines for America (A4A), have launched a year-long global campaign related to baggage tracking with the goal of reducing mishandled bags in addition to increasing efficiency in baggage operations.

Annually, more than 4 billion bags are carried by airlines globally. Less than 0.43 percent do not arrive with their owners.

The industry is determined to do even better and has agreed to Resolution 753 (R753) .

By June 2018, airlines have committed to being able to track a bag when it is accepted at the airport, loaded onto the aircraft, transferred to the arrival system or put into the transfer system for carriage by another airline. Airlines should also be able to share this tracking information with interline carriers as needed.

"Arriving without a bag is a very frustrating experience for our customers. Over the last decade we have reduced mishandled baggage by 54% with improved processes. The next step is to realize the full benefits of baggage tracking to further improve performance. In the rare cases when a bag does not arrive with the passenger there will be much more information available to facilitate a quicker reunion. And the benefits don’t stop there. Tracking bags will, enable proactive reporting, speed up aircraft readiness for departure, facilitate the automation of baggage processes and also reduce fraud," said Andrew Price, IATA’s Global Head of Baggage.
"Implementation of baggage tracking is a collaborative effort between airlines and airports to improve the passenger experience," said Managing Director of Passenger Services at A4A Patty Edwards. "Airlines and airports are working together to ensure the infrastructure is available to provide this enhanced service to our customers."

The baggage tracking campaign will help airlines prepare for the R753 June 2018 implementation deadline with a series of initiatives tailored to various stakeholders. These include regional workshops for key aviation entities and an awareness campaign for travellers.

An implementation guide developed by industry partners is also available. In addition, IATA is offering member airlines a readiness certificate to recognize them when they develop their implementation plan for R753.
JULIAN BRAY +44(0)1733 345581, Journalist & Broadcaster, Aviation Security & Airline Operations Analyst/expert, ... Travel & Holiday Guru,  ...  ...,   ... Aviation / Travel / Maritime & Cruise Industries, NUJ, EQUITY, LIVE ISDN LINK, Broadcast ISDN COOBE ++44 (0)1733 345020 ... SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK e&oe Old faithful NOKIA: 07944 217476

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

'Wide bodied' Emirates and 'single aisled' Flydubai forming a 'broad partnership, to leverage both networks and codeshare

Middle Eastern carrier Emirates is entering what is termed 'a broad partnership' with low-cost airline Flydubai, which will including codeshare and an integration of both airlines' networks reports FlightGlobal.

The moves sees the two state-owned carriers working closer together, eliminating duplication and unproductive competition, it will also enable Emirates to profit from the  single-aisle operation favoured by Flydubai. Most new aircraft leases are favouring single-aisle next generation aircraft types. Operational resource reductions and fuel saving will all be factored into the new schedules and codeshares.

Although both airlines will keep their independent managements the new deal will help leverage" both networks to "scale-up operations" and speed expansion.

JULIAN BRAY +44(0)1733 345581, Journalist & Broadcaster, Aviation Security & Airline Operations Analyst/expert, ... Travel & Holiday Guru , ...  ...,   ... Aviation / Travel / Maritime & Cruise Industries, NUJ, EQUITY, LIVE ISDN LINK, Broadcast ISDN COOBE ++44 (0)1733 345020 ... SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK e&oe Old faithful NOKIA: 07944 217476

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

U.S. Department of Transportation Announces $290.6 Million in Infrastructure Grants to 105 Airports

U.S. Department of Transportation Announces $290.6 Million in Infrastructure Grants to 105 Airports

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation today announced the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will award $ 290.6 million in airport infrastructure grants to 105 airports in 38 states across the United States as part of the FAA’s Airport Improvement Program (AIP).
The airport grant program funds various types of airport infrastructure projects, including runways, taxiways, and airport signage, lighting, and markings which help to create thousands of jobs.
“AIP grants will allow airports to complete critical airport infrastructure projects that will help maintain the safety of the nation’s airports,” said FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta.
Airports are entitled to a certain amount of AIP funding each year, based on passenger volume. If their capital project needs exceed their available entitlement funds, then the FAA can supplement their entitlements with discretionary funding.  At this time, the FAA is providing discretionary funding to 26 airports based on their high-priority project needs.
Those receiving discretionary grants are listed here, while the entitlement grant recipients can be found at the link below:
Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Anchorage, AK, $8.2 million – to repair the aircraft parking area also known as the apron.
Fairbanks International Airport in Fairbanks, AK, $3.8 million – funds will be used to make repairs to Taxiway Bravo.
Tucson International Airport in Tucson, AZ, $17.3 million the grant will fund the repair of Runway 11L/29R.
Meadows Field in Bakersfield, CA, $12.7 million the grant will fund the repair of Runway 12L/30R.
Long Beach/Daugherty Field in Long Beach, CA, $14.9 million grant funds will be used to reconstruct Runway 07R/25L.
Sacramento Mather Airport in Sacramento, CA, $3.7 million the grant will fund the repair of the aircraft parking area called the apron.
San Diego International Airport in San Diego, CA, $16.7 million the grant will fund the repair of Runway 09/27.
San Luis Valley Regional/Bergman Field in Alamosa, CO, $5.5 million the grant will fund repairs to Runway 02/20.
Key West International Airport in Key West, FL, $9 million funds will be used to repair Runway 09/27.
Orlando International Airport in Orlando, FL, $16 million the grant will fund the repair of Taxiway J, used by aircraft to enter and exit the runway.
Tampa International Airport in Tampa, FL, $9.3 million the grant will fund the repair of the taxiway.
Zephyrhills Municipal Airport in Zephyrhills, FL, $1.6 million funds will be used to repair Taxiway B pavement and lighting.
Joslin Field-Magic Valley Regional Airport in Twin Falls, ID, $3.1 million funds will be used for the east parallel Taxiway A repairs.
Princeton Municipal Airport in Princeton, ME, $5 million funds will be used for repairs to Runway 15/33.
Stennis International Airport in Bay St. Louis, MS, $4.8 million the grant will fund repairs to Runway 18/36.
Ocean County Airport in Toms River, NJ, $4.4 million funds will be used to repair Runway 06/24. 
Yerington Municipal Airport in Yerington, NV, $2.3 million the grant will fund repairs to Runway 01/19.
Rogue Valley International Airport in Medford, OR, $10.4 million funds will be used to repair the taxiway.
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport in Avoca, PA, $7.5 million  the grant will fund Taxiway B repairs.
Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Latrobe, PA, $2.5 million – the grant will fund repairs to Runway 05/23.
Williamsport Regional Airport in Williamsport, PA, $3.8 million the grant will fund the repair of Runway 09/27.
Anderson Regional Airport in Anderson, SC, $5.4 million – grants funds will be used to repair Runway 05/23.
Logan-Cache Airport in Logan, UT, $1.1 million – funds will be used to repair the taxiway.
Walla Walla Regional Airport in Walla Walla, WA, $5.9 million the grant will fund the repair of the parallel taxiway.
Tri-State/Milton J. Ferguson Field in Huntington, WVA, $9.3 million grant funds will be used to reconstruct Taxiway A and the lighting system for that taxiway.
Casper/Natrona County International Airport in Casper, WY, $10.5 million 
grant funds will be used to repair Runway 03/21.
See a full listing of all grant recipients at:
The FAA will issue AIP grants to the airports over the next several weeks in time to take advantage of the spring and summer construction season.
The grants will ensure the projects at these airports are either under construction or completed prior to the onset of the winter season, which comes in late fall in some parts of the country.

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