From time to time the odd gem from BRAYS DUCKHOUSE BLOG deserves a repeat showing. It may be that later developments have vindicated the earlier post or equally managed to get it totally wrong.

However what is known is that many National  news stories have oprignated from these pages and the 'Duckhouse' is now required reading in certain circles. Have to admit the Tories are still feeling their way with social networking, the proposed front bench are still luddites in the IT arena. Shame really.  

 I am as always delighted to take your tip offs and after my own desk research, if I can stand the story up, it will certainly appear on here.  

A frequent question: Why am I not frequently on TV & Radio shows like Iain Dale and Paul "Guido"Staines? The answer is simple I really don't need to trudge around the Radio & TV studios, as I can do it down the line using an ISDN line and an audio codec or SKYPE. The producers have my number and frequently use the material in the Duckhouse blog . They also rely on me for additional sources of comment, but rest assured it will first appear in 'Duckhouse'  I'm always open to an invitation from BBC TV Questiontime as I understand the dinner with the panel is paid for by the BBC and eating my licence fee sounds like a good idea.

Somewhere I do still have my BBC Driving Licence whcih enables me to self operate the BBC London Radio Car. In my day the hydraulic aerial mast attached to the back of the car would never work so I manually raised it locking each section before pulling out the next one. No Health & Safety numpties to worry about then, they would have an almight fit these days one else would do it so it became for a while my personal chariot in and around London.

Here is the beast with Roger Clarke, no he didn't back into a streetlamp, that is the hydraulic mast ( eventually repaired) and he had the luxury of an engineer to twidde the knobs.. 



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